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The Rapture

With the continued success of the Left Behind series of books and movies, The idea of the Rapture is more accepted by Christians as what will happen to them at the end of times.
True or False: The Rapture (saved Crhistians being taken to Heaven before the Apocalypse) is discussed in the book of Revelations.
I'm not sure
Is the Rapture prophesized or discussed in any other place in the Bible?
Yes (Please cite the verse in the message area.)
I don't have a bible.
I have searched the Bible through and through, and I have found no mention of saved Christians excaping the horrors of the apocalypse anywhere in the text. If you can cite it, will you do so in the message area?
I can't find it either!
This poll was created on 2006-12-28 19:36:37 by Emerald_Lilly