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Public Executions

Don't bother taking this poll if you're AGAINST the death penalty. This poll is about PUBLICLY executing crimnals, killers, etc. Thanks for expressing your opinions!
Are You:
What demo are you in?
On a scale of 1-10 how much would you like to have public executions? Multi-Select:
1 I support the death penalty but not public executions
2 I support the death penalty and want very limited public executions
3 I fully support the death penalty and more public executions
4 Some executions should be public but not all
5 I'm in favor of public executions all the time
6 I want public executions shown on television
7 I think every death penalty case should be publicly executed
8 We should have public executions "picnics" and festivals
9 Public executions should be shown on TV and at "live" events, too
10 Public executions are the hottest diea and I totally support it and would watch myself
The best kind of public execution would be:(Multi Select)
Electric Chair
Firing Sgaud
Lethal Injection
Drawn & Quartered
Whipped To Death
Beaten To Death
Anything Slow And Agonizing/ Torture Them
If a public execution were broadcast on television would you:
Watch by myself
Watch with my significant other
Watch with friends
Make a party of it and invite many friends
Tape it for replays
What would you like the penalty to be for child molesters?
Execute them quickly
Execute them slowly
Execute them VERY slowly
Make them suffer
If you could go to a club and watch the executions on a big screen Tv, would you?
I'd probably not go
I'd definitely go
I'd go and party
I'd go and cheer
Viewing a public execution is important because:
It shows justice in action
It is entertaining
I like seeing criminals suffer
In public there would be fewer crimes committed
Would you agree to sign a peition to allow public executions?
Yes, but only annonymously
Who in your circle of influence would like top see public executions?
My boyfriend
My girlfriend
My husband
My wife
My whole family
Some of my family
All of my friends
I odn't know, it's never been discussed
Above all, watching a public execution would be:
A terrible expereince
A fun thing
A turn on (sexy)
Pure joy
Very exciting
Very pleasurable
Somthing to look forward to
This poll was created on 2006-12-18 17:32:55 by gladiator