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Teen Girl Star Tournament. Winner

You have seen come by every now and then. You have seen the polls to decide the winner of this polled and decided. And after the last match of the tournament between Emma Watson and Alexis Bledal i declare that Emma Watson is the winner.
Emma Watson won the tournament. Why do you like her?
Cause she's pretty and cute
Cause she's hot
Cause she is such a good actor
Cause she's an independent women
If you chose cute and pretty, what attracts you more.
Her smile
Her eyes
Her hair
Her lips
If you chose that she's hot, what attracts you more?
Her breasts
Her butt
Her legs
Her face
If you chose she 's a good actor, why?
Cause nobody could play Herminone better than her.
Cause she seems to have potential in the future
Cause she won those awards.
If you chose because she''s a strong women, why?
Cause i think she could kick my ass.
Cause i feel her personality is like Herminoe's
In a catfight, what type of fighter, do you think she be
Dominant, attack weak spots, and pull humiliating and painful holds.
Schoolgirl, lots of pins and rolling around.
Boxer, stick only to punches and kicks
If she won a catfight, what do you think she would do to her opponent?
She would congratulate them for a good fight and shake their hand.
She would make her opponent her slave.
She would smother her opponent with her breasts.
She would facesit her opponent
She would strip them into their bra and panties or naked.
She would make her opponent taste feet
IF Emma didnt win the tournament, who do you think would have won.
Amanda Bynes
Jamie lynn Spears
Alexis Bledal
Hilary Duff
Ashley Oslen
Alexa Vega
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This poll was created on 2007-04-01 11:57:23 by Halomercenary91