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Saw 4 speculation

well now number 4 is comin out with high expectations
first off, which was ur fav. saw?
Saw II
Donnie Wahlberg is gonna be in this one playin Matthews again, wats that about?
he's still alive! he found daniel in the end!
its only his dead body
a flashback where amanda kills him
a flashback where he sumhow finds help
what will be the best part bout this new saw?
Rigg is now bein forced 2 play a game
Jeff's game where he now has to find his daughter
detective's search for jigsaw's old girl Jill
the supposedly shocking best horror movie twist
answrs/explanations to other past saw questions
that Crucifix Bone twisting Trap from #3, will that be beat?
seeing how Rigg is abducted and Jigsaw and Amanda are both for sure dead, there is another person involved... who?
Dr. Gordon
Daniel Matthews
Eric Matthews
other(please post)
This poll was created on 2007-08-24 23:27:21 by dude45