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What is yoru prefered method of watching anime?

A simple poll to see if viewers of the NEW Anime only channel in the UK (sky channel 199) would prefer subs/dubs.
Do you prefer to watch Anime with SUBS or DUBS?
I will watch nothing but Dubbed versions
I prefer Dubbed versions
I mainly prefer Dubbed versions (some subs are ok)
I will watch nothing but Subbed versions
I prefer Subbed versions
I mainly prefer Subbed versions (some dubs are ok)
Disregarding the Frequency of the adverts for shows on Anime central, do you think they work (do they encourage you to watch a show you might not watch just from the written description)?
The adverts are well done
The adverts need more work (music)
The adverts need more work (visual)
The adverts need more work (music +visual)
Out of all the shows currently running on AC, which do you prefer?
I prefer Vision of Escaflowne
My soul belongs to Bleach
If only I could transmute every Anime into FMA
GiaS:SC: When I grow up I want to be in Section 9!
Planetes widens my horizons
Transformers: New Soundwave compells me to watch!
Thats all well and good, but which of the shows currentley running on AC could you CERTAINLY live without?
Vision of Escaflowne hurts my eyes
Bleach just makes me feel so hollow
FMA because I don't want to see XXXX die again!
GiaS:SC, *Insert witty quip here*
Planetes: half section; half anime
Transformers:New Soundwave compels me to not watch!
This poll was created on 2007-09-17 14:51:56 by Chambers