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One of his greatest Anime/Manga ever created by the NOW legendary artist Akira Toriyama. This post is about the events happened before Z began. Which means, Goku begins his quest as a child through the end when he became an adult. Anyways, the following questions are about DRAGONBALL.
Master Roshi
Jackie Chan (Disguise As Master Roshi)
The Tournament Announcer
Son Gohan (Goku's Grandpa)
Fortune Teller Baba
Ox King
Shen (Possess As Kami)
Who is the WORST villain/villainist in DRAGONBALL?
Emperor Pilaf
Red Ribbon Army
Colonel Silver
Major Purple (Ninja)
General White
General Blue
Mercenary Tao/ Taopaipai
Adjutant Black
Commander Red
Tsuru Senin
Demon King Piccolo
Piccolo Jr.
What minor character SHOULD have more parts to the story?
Bear thief
Carrot Master
Ran Fuan
Full Metal Jacket
Android 8
Mrs. Briefs
Mr. Briefs
Arale (From Dr. Slump)
Senbei Norimaki (From Dr. Slump)
Taro (From Dr. Slump)
Cha (From Dr. Slump)
Akane (From Dr. Slump)
Obotchaman (From Dr. Slump)
Gajira-kins (From Dr. Slump)
Turbo (From Dr. Slump)
Sea Cove Pirate Robot
The Dracula
The Invisible Man
The Mummy
The Devil
King Chappa
The King
What is the best fight scene for Master Roshi/Jackie Chun?
Jackie Chun VS Yamcha
Jackie Chun VS Krillin
Jackie Chun VS Goku
Master Roshi VS Red Ribbon Army
Jackie Chun VS Man-Wolf
Jackie Chun VS Tien
Master Roshi VS Demon King Piccolo
What is the best fight scene for Tien?
Tien VS Yamcha
Tien VS Jackie Chun
Tien VS Goku
Tien VS Drum
Tien VS Demon King Piccolo
Tien VS Mercenary Tao/ Taopaipai
What is the best fight scene for Yamcha?
Yamcha VS Goku
Yamcha VS Chichi
Yamcha VS Jackie Chun
Yamcha VS The Invisible Man
Yamcha VS The Mummy
Yamcha VS Tien
Yamcha VS Shen (Possess by Kami)
What is the best fight scene for Krillin?
Krillin VS Goku
Krillin VS Bacterian
Krillin VS Jackie Chun
Krillin VS General Blue
Krillin VS The Dracula
Krillin VS Chaotzu
Krillin VS Piccolo Jr.
What is the best fight scene for Goku?
Goku VS Bear thief
Goku VS Oolong
Goku VS Yamcha
Goku VS Ox King
Goku VS Carrot Master
Goku VS Pilaf, Shou and Mai
Goku VS Krillin
Goku VS Giran
Goku VS Namu
Goku VS Jackie Chun
Goku VS Colonel Silver
Goku VS Full Metal Jacket
Goku VS Major Purple (Ninja)
Goku VS Android 8
Goku VS Jiggler
Goku VS General White
Goku VS Sea Cove Pirate Robot
Goku VS General Blue
Goku VS Mercenary Tao/ Taopaipai
Goku VS Korin
Goku VS The Red Ribbon Army
Goku VS Adjutant Black
Goku VS The Mummy
Goku VS The Devil
Goku VS Gohan (Goku's Grandpa)
Goku VS King Champa
Goku VS Panpoot
Goku VS Tien
Goku VS Tambourine
Goku VS Yajirobe
Goku VS Cymbal
Goku VS Drum
Goku VS Demon King Piccolo
Goku VS Popo
Goku VS Chichi
Goku VS Piccolo Jr.
What is the best fight scene for *OTHER* characters?
Namu VS Ran Fuan
Android 8 VS Major Purple (Ninja)
Android 8 VS General White (Ninja)
Arale (From Dr.Slump) VS General Blue
General Blue VS Mercenary Tao/ Taopaipai
Mercenary Tao/ Taopaipai VS Bora
Lunch VS Red Ribbon Army
Adjutant Black VS Commander Red
Puar and Upa VS The Dracula
Tambourine VS Giran
Yajirobe VS Cymbal
Shen (Possess by Kami) VS Piccolo Jr.
If you gather all 7 dragonballs, summon shenron and he ask to give you only 1 wish. What would it be?
World Peace
Perfect Boyfriend
Perfect Girlfriend
Being Rich
No More Phobia of Women
No More Phobia Of Men
World Domination
Being Tall
Immortal Youth
Bring back your beloved ones to life
Change the REAL world to DRAGONBALL world.
Becoming a Saiyan
Having Kung Fu and Martial Arts Abilities
Have the ability to fly
To dispose someone you hate
To dispose yourself? LOL
To go back in time to change or redo the mistakes you regret in life
To be able to go to the future
To start over life
To be reborn in a new life and family
To have a brother or sister you never had
To remove all illness in yourself
To change your gender
To have friends
To become an animal
To become an alien
To become famous
To be ruler of the world
To be done with your ? collection
Nothing. LMAO
What rating would you give DRAGONBALL?
LEGEND - I give DRAGONBALL a PERFECT SCORE because i love this Anime/Manga. Im a HUGE FAN of this series. I collected all his merchandise and i draw just like its art style. I love goku and I love Akira Toriyama, hes god for creating it.
MASTERPIECE - I give DRAGONBALL a 10/10 because i like how the storyline of the Anime/Manga. I like the art style to it. I collected some of his merchandise and i have to thank Akira Toriyama for making one of his great creations.
EXCELLENT - I give DRAGONBALL an almost perfect score because i like the action and the story to it. I collected a few merchandise from it, thanks Akira Toriyama.
GREAT - DRAGONBALL is indeed great because of the fight scenes and the comedy mischef of this series. Goku can kick butt. For real.
GOOD - I find DRAGONBALL to be one of the good series, but i like Z and GT better.
ALMOST GOOD - I like DRAGONBALL, but ive seen better animes than this.
AWFUL - I hate DRAGONBALL. The characters and storyline is weird and it bores me.
This poll was created on 2007-06-02 06:27:01 by Bogard