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Daddy poll

How involved are you with your baby?
When your partner was pregnant did you go with when she had an ultrasound?
No, but afterwards I wished I did
She didn't have an ultrasound
Were you there for the birth?
No, I didn't want to be
No, my partner didn't want me to be
No, it was impossible to be there (eg emergency c-section)
Yes, in the background
Yes, fully supportive
How much time did you take off work when your baby was born?
A few days
A few weeks
I am permanently at home now
Which of the following have you done?
Changed a nappy
Cleaned up vomit
Played with your baby
Rocked your baby to sleep (or used some other method to get them to sleep)
Given your baby medicine
Given your baby a bath
Dressed your baby
Bought things for your baby
Gone somewhere with your baby without your partner
Talked to your baby
Sang to your baby
Made funny faces for your baby
Fed your baby (with a bottle or solids)
Cut your babies nails
Worried about your baby
This poll was created on 2007-12-09 21:26:17 by zeena