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Pornography On Line

It's everywhere. How do you feel about it? Should it be restricted?
Guys, if you have visited an on-line porn site, did you go back a second time?
A. No. I was disgusted the first time.
B. No. I couldn't remember the URL.
C. No. Once was enough.
D. Yes. I enjoyed what I saw.
E. Yes. This site was awesome.
F. Yes. But just for the banner ads.
Last question for the ladies. Should on line porn sites be restricted?
A. Yes. They are nothing but trouble.
B. Yes. But only to prevent minors from viewing them.
C. No. I don't like these sites but the Internet is for all forms of expression.
D. No. If I don't want to see them I don't have to.
What is your gender?
A. Male
B. Female
What is your age?
A. Under 15
B. 15-18
C. 18-22
D. 22-30
E. 30-35
F. 35-45
G. 45+
Have you ever visited an on-line porn site by accident?
A. Yes
B. No
C. I'm not telling.
If yes, did you proceed past the warning/age verification page?
A. Yes. it said to click here so I clicked.
B. Yes. I ws cuious.
C. Yes. I was under age and lied.
D. No. I got out of there as fast as I could.
E. No. I relized I didn't want to be here.
F. No. I was abhored that such a site exsisted.
If you proceeded past the warning page, what was your first impression.
A. Cool. I should have came here months ago.
B. Nothing I haven't seen before.
C. Interesting, but I wouldn't waste my time again.
D. Exactly what I expected.
E. Sick! Sick! Sick!
Once inside did you coninue to look around: view another page?
A. Yes. I couldn't get enough.
B. Yes. Just to satisfy my curiosity.
C. No. One page was enough for me.
D. No way. I realized I had made a big mistake.
Ladies only, please respect. Have You ever visited an on-line porn site?
A. Yes
B. No
If yes, why did you visit the site?
A. Pleasure.
B. A friend told me about all the hunks.
C. Curious.
D. Better than what I see off line.
Again ladies, often times porn is said to be degrading to women. Are sites that feature male nudity degrading to men?
A. Yes. All forms of porn are degrading.
B. No. Men are not viewed as objects of our pleasure.
C. No. It's different with men.
D. No. I know that I am being hippocritical but that's just how I feel.
All right guys your turn, ladies please be as respectful as the guys were. Have You ever visited an on-line porn site?
A. Yes. My friend told to check them out.
B. Yes. I can't live with out them.
C. No. That is not my cup of tea.
D. No. I find such sites offensive to all.
Guys, are these sites degrading to women?
A. Yes. They destroy the foundation of our culture.
B. Yes. But you can't stop it.
C. No. The female body is a thing of beauty to be admired.
D. No. I don't think any less of women after visiting such a site.
Everyone. Who should restrict/limit on-line porn sites.
A. The government.
B. Allow the Internet to police itself.
C. An Independent non-governmental agency.
D. We don't need any limitations.
E. The internet is about free choice. I will choose what I view. I don't need so
If the only way to restrict on line porn sites was to eliminate the Internet all together would you choose an Internet with porn sites or no Internet at all?
A. Internet w/porn sites.
B. No Internet at all.
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