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Aniston vs Jolie (Who won?)

Yes everyone's been talking about it who should of brad chose?, whos better for him? The whole aniston vs jolie thing but who actually did win.
Aniston vs Jolie Jennifer vs Angelina who do you think won?
Angelina she got brad now
Jennifer she got rid of Brad
Jennifer she got the public on her side
Angelina she got kids
No one one really because angelina may have kids and brad but jennifer has the public on her side
Brad is making and new movie and he wants jen to star in it with him but why do you think he wants her to star in it with him so he asked orlando bloom to try and convince her. But why do you think he wants her to star in this film so badly with him?
He wants to help her with her acting because she is yet to win an oscar
He feels bad for what happened between them and wants to try and build a friendship with her and nothing more.
He still loves her and wants them to spend time together so that something happens with them
he is only doing all this for publicity
Brads parents still see jen and him mum has a close friendship with her. What do you think of this
There is nothing wrong with it, brads mum likes jen and just because brad and jen are not together no more it doesn't mean their friendship should stop
This friendship is a sneaky plan of brad's mum just to get brad and jen back together
Brad's mum doesn't like angelina and this is a way of getting back at her
Why iis brad's mum still seeing jen her and brad are no longer together so i don't see the point. I don't thing its right.
Angelina recently said she wished jen could just go to a deserted island where everyone can just forget about her what do you think about this?
Angelina is right, jen has her chance with brad and failed she should back off and leave brad and his parents alone
Jennifer isn't helping matters but angelina isn't exactly perfect
Who does angelina think she is atleast Jennifer isn't a homewrecking slut
if Brad and angelina were to break up what do you think would happen
jennifer would seize her chance and go straight back to brad laughing at angelina
Brad would go running back to jen to make things work between them
Brad would be heartbroken and feel upset for a while, he wouldn't date
Brad would straight on to another woman
Angelina would be heartbroken
ok so brad is stuck in the middle with two women who he both cares about how do you think he feels
he feels happy two women love him
he feels confused he cares about both of them he don't won't to choose
He only loves jen, he is only with angelina for the kids
He only loves angelina but pretends to care about jen because the public like her and he wants to remain popular with them.
he don't love any of them but he don't want to be alone
who is prettier
if brad has kids with both of these women which kids would be prettier
jen and brads kids would be prettier
angelina and brads kids would be prettier
In a recent poll i did called "will these celebs ever have kids" i asked will jennifer ever have kids and the majority said yes. Who do you think she will have kids with?
Some unfamous man who knocks her up and when he finds out doesn't want anything to do with her or the baby.
vince vaughn
brad pitt - he goes back ot jen or cheats on angelina
a drunk night out she forgets to use protection and she doesn't even know who the father is
a famous man who she falls in love with and they have kids
an unfamous man who she falls in love with and they have a child
if jennifer had kids who do you think would make a better mum
do you think brad made a mistake when he broke up with jennifer
(ok im not sick or anything im just curious of what you think) What do you think brad and jens sex life was like 0 - 5. O being the worst 5 being the best
5- great and passionate
4- good they had a good sex life
3- ok not good not bad satisfactory
2-not good jen was bad in bed
1 - very bad they only did it probably like twice
0- they never had sex
what do you think brad and angelina's sex life is like
5- great and passionate
4- good they have a good sex life
3-ok not good not bad satisfactory
2 - not good angelina is abd in bed
1 - very bad they do it so rarely
0 - they don't do it anymore
(BOYS ONLY) who would you rather have sex with
honestly don't just say something because you may prefer someone. Deep down do you think brad still loves jennifer.
he fancies her but not loves her
he still loves her secretly he wants to be with her not angelina
he has feeling for her but he's trying to put it behind him
no he hates jennifer
he cares about jennifer but only as a friend
he couldn't care less about her he's with angelina now
he loves jen and thinks about her lots but he's scared to leave angelina incase he loses shiloh
what do you think angelina thinks of jennifer
she hates her and wants her out of her life
she couldn't care less about her
she feels she has the last laugh cuz she got brad and jen's all alone
she feels sorry for her
what do you think jennnifer thinks of angelina
she hates her for stealing her husband
she couldn't care less about her
she forgvies her for the whole brad thing
she is jelous of her
brad and angelina do charity work in new orleans what do you think of all this
good two unselfish people who want to make a difference to the world
the majority of people hate angelina for stealing jen's husbandso she does charity work to get people to like her
i believe angelina cares about charity but brad don't she only drags him along with her to make them look like a good couple.
say brangelina do break up whats most likely to be the reason
jennifer tells brad she still loves him so he goes back to her
brad still loves jen so he goes back to her
angelina is fed up of brad's parents taking jen's side all the while she gives up
angelina cheats on brad
brad cheats on angelina
they decide their not perfect for eachother
This poll was created on 2008-01-02 13:40:55 by xxNataliexx