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Is Shiloh really Brads Child

Its strange because personally i believe that shiloh isn't brad's child but no one has ever mentioned it. What do you think.
Do you think shiloh is brad's child
of course she is this
i did think she was brad's child but now you mention it, well its got me doubting that brad is the father of shiloh
im not sure
Shiloh isn't brads child
do you think shiloh looks like brad
yes she does a bit
no she looks nothing like brad
she looks a bit like brad and a bit like angelina
yes she definetly looks like brad
what do you think of shiloh
i feel sorry for her because her mum is a homewrecker
she was an accdient and she destroyed a marriage, i wished she never happened
she brought two people together
If shiloh wasn't brad's kid what do you think he would do
leave angelina and leave shiloh
he would leave angelina but he would still want to see shiloh
he would stay with angelins and stay with shiloh
Do you think brad does secretly may know that shiloh may not be his child
yes but he won't speak out incase he loses her
no he has no clue
yes angelina told him but he is sticking by her anyway and he wants to raise shiloh
do you think shiloh was an accident
yes but brad wanted angelina to keep her
yes but brad wanted angelina not to keep her but she did anyway
no angelina planned to have a baby just to get brad pitt from jennifer aniston
This poll was created on 2008-01-02 15:21:13 by xxNataliexx