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Middle School: Popularity and relationships

If you are popular, how did you become popular? [Choose all that apply]
I talked to anyone I saw for along time until they became my friend.
I talked to everyone and said hi to alot of people.
I gossiped a lot and people became curious.
I was really mean and forced people to be my friends. People were scared of me.
I was super-nice and said hi to everyone a lot.
I begged people to be my friends.
I sat with the other popular kids at lunch everyday and always talked to them a lot.
The popular kids asked me to be their friends.
I asked everyone I saw to be my friend.
I joined sports and through them I made new friends.
If you are popular, what kind of people do you like? [Check all that apply]
ONLY other popular people.
Anyone who dresses in Hollister and abercrombie and looks average or pretty, as long as they're fun to talk to.
I like to everyone! That's how come I'm so popular!
I'll talk to anyone when I'm bored, but at lunch and inbetween classes I talk to my friends (who are popular). I only like them.
It doesn't matter! I don't care ...
people who share my love of _____ (hobby, sport, etc.)
GUYS! They're so hot! Usually I just hang out with them.
My friends. They're not as popular as me.
My friends. They're just as popular as me. I usually don't talk to losers.
My friends. They're way more popular than me, so they make me look better.
I like anyone who sits next to me in my classes, or is really nice. I like nice people, not gossippers!
Popular Girls: What kind of guys do you like?
Hot, funny, sweet guys! It doesn't matter if they're popular!
anyone who likes (like-like)me!
I dont care about looks or personality, if there popular, that's good enough!
Looks dont matter, personality does!
Hot, friendly, popular guys!
It doesn't matter what they look like, as long as they worship me.
As long as they're hot, I don't care!
Nerdy Girls: How do the popular girls treat you?
Mean!!! They are so evil! They love to make fun of me...
Nice! I don't know why... I guess they're just really cool!
They don't even talk to me...
They make up rumors about me and constantly tease me, even though they're not mean to anyone else.
HORRIBBLE!!! THEY ARE THE worst people in the entire world! They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The treat me average; they dont smile at me or say hi often, but they dont tease and make fun of me, either. They talk to me if they have to say 'excuse me' or are working with me on a project
If your a guy ...ONLY GUYS CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION... then do you like popular girls?
Yes, because they're hot and really sassy
YES!!!!!!!! They are sooooooooo hot!!!
Yeah, sometimes, but a lot of the time they are really mean.
I guess so... I dont JUST like popular girls, though, I could like any girl.
Yeah, because they have even more hot friends to cheat on her with
Yeah, they are usually pretty and mean, but I don't care as long as she's nice to me.
They're OK. I don't have any other opinion than that.
They're OK. They are really pretty, but to into fashion and gossip.
They're average. I usually have crushes on them more than other girls, though.
I don't like them. TOO MEAN
I don't like them. Ugly.
I don't like them because they make fun of me.
I hate them because they are rude and conceeded.
I hate them because they are blood-sucking monsters who will torture your emotions until you die. (not really, but that's how I feel)
Do you wish you were popular?
Yes, with all my heart.
Yeah, it'd be nice, but I don't try to be popular.
Yeah. I would like it. I daydream about it sometimes.
It would be...fine, I guess.
not really. I guess it never crossed my mind.
NO!!! they lose contact with their thoughts and emotions because they are too concentrated on getting even more popular and cooler.
Popular girls: what tips do you have for people who want to become popular?
Talk to everyone, be nice, and don't say anything wierd.
say hi to everyone and be really nice.
Be kind and helpful and talk to other people a lot, and listen to other people well. Don't be really wierd, either.
just be yourself!
act cool, calm and collected
be friendly and talkative
talk to people a lot, even if you don't know them
be really loud and sarcastic. always speak your mind.
Don't be shy! Say what you feel and talk to people you like.
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