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Factual Based Television

As part of my Ba(Hons) degree I need to carry out some research into factual based programmes. Could you spare a few moments to answer the following questions?
When an on screen interview is being carried out, do you prefer, A) The Camera square onto the subject or B) The Camera tilted on the subject?
A) Camera Square On
B) The Camera Tilted
There is an interview in progress on screen, How many cutaways do you like to see? E.G. The audio of the interview continues whilst a new video image shown
A) 1-3 per interview
B) 4-5 per interview
C) 6 or more per interview
There is an interview taking place outside. How much wildtrack/ambience (natural noise e.g. passing cars, birdsong etc)
A) A little 0-10% of the sound
B) 11-20% of the sound
C) 20+% of the sound
When watching an interview inside, do you prefer a large depth of field (e.g. background blurred) or a background made up of things related to the subject?
A) Blurred Background
B) Related Objects
In terms of the running order, would you like a profile of the subject of the video first, or after a piece on them such as an interview or footage of them at work?
A) At the start
B) After some inital footage
This poll was created on 2008-02-05 14:16:58 by Daniel Sallows Rigby