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The Girls of Pokemon

Okay so whose the best Pokemon girl character?
Misty. She's the original and she wasn't too girly.
May. She accomplished waaaay more than Misty ever did.
Dawn. She's off to a good start and she's more interesting than the other two.
They are all equal.
I hate them all!!!!!111 RAWR!
Contest Battles are just as hard as regular ones.
Of course. It isn't all about looking pretty. You need to have good strategies and fight at the same time.
They're battles too. If your Pokemon gets beaten into the ground, you lose instantly. Obviously they're just as hard.
They're are twice as hard, you can't just use brute force to win.
No!!!! Contest Battles are for wimps!
What do you think of Misty?
She's the coolest! She's not afraid to speak her mind and she's a tough Gym Leader!
I like her attitude. She has both a girly and a tomboyish side.
She's realistic for a girl.
She's a whiney hypocrite. She always yells at Ash when he messes up even though she can't do any better.
She's ugly. It looks like someone took a lawn mower to her head. Only a total dork would wear suspenders like that.
She's a zombie. She stopped being cool after she got Togepi. All she did was stand around.
It's a good thing she left because all she ever did was complain and lose. At least now she can be of use.
She improved. She's more mature now...
She's soooooo boring now. She lost everything that was cool about her. She doesn't yell or do anything funny anymore!
She makes me laugh XD
What do you think of May?
She's awesome! She made it to the grand festival and almost won. She found herself powerful rivals to compete with just like Ash.
She grew up a lot since the beginning. She learned a lot about herself and her Pokemon.
She's pretty, sweet, and understanding.
She's a ditzy prep! She's way too girly.
She's a wimp. She could never win in a real battle. She didn't even liked Pokemon at first.
She took Misty's place! I want MISTY back so I hate hate hate hate her guts!
She's okay. She's an interesting trainer and a nice contrast to Misty.
I hate her hair!
She has a great sense of fashion and style.
she's a mary-sue!
What do you think of Dawn?
She's so cool! She's off to a good start and she's not too perfect.
She's so pretty and cute! I lover her dresses!
She's more interesting than Misty and May.
She cares too much about her hair!
Oh great, another stupid prep. We need MISTY back. Tomboys ftw!
I hate her. She's so pathetic. She can't handle her Pokemon at all!
I use to not like her, but she's getting better
She has the best style of them all.
BRING MISTY BACK NOW!!!! *stomps feet and pouts*
Are Misty elitists too biased and outspoken?
Yes. They refuse to give any of the newer girls a chance just because they're attitudes aren't as loud as Misty's.
Yeah. I'm a big fan of Misty and they make us look bad with all their whining and complaining.
They have a right to be because May and Dawn SUCK! They are dumb preppy wimps.
They don't make any sense. Misty didn't even do half as much as Dawn and May did/have been doing.
Who should be with Ash?
Misty! He thinks about her even now. He hasn't thought about Brock, Gary, or any of his other friends like that in a while.
May! Misty and Ash were always arguing! May gets along with him better.
Dawn! She's on a more equal level with him.
Who cares who Ash ends up with? May has Drew and that's all that matters.
Ash? Who needs him, Dawn has Paul/Kenny/etc.
I hate Ash and I hate Misty. They work well together if you ask me :P
Pikachu! XD
NO ONE. He's too young for that.
Gary. None of the girls work well with him.
Bianca/Latias ^_^
This poll was created on 2008-04-13 20:27:52 by Kipkip