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Is honey vegan?

Whether you are vegan or not. Whether you are vegan for animal right, to be green, to be different, or to be health. Please help with my paper. Thanks! ~m
What is veganism to you?
Veganism- meatfree, nondairy diet
Veganism- meatfree, animal by-product free diet
Veganism- meatfree, animal by-product free lifestyle
Are you Vegan?
Yes, no meat, no dairy for me.
Yes, no meat, no dairy, no by-products for me.
No, but I'm vegetarian.
No, but I know vegans.
Why are you(or people you know) vegan?
For health benefits
For animal rights reasons
Because your church preaches it
Because you were raised that way
Is honey vegan?
Yes, its a plant product
Yes, its not a dairy product
No, its a animal/bug product
Not sure, but I(a vegan) still eat it
Not sure, so I( a vegan) don't eat it
I don't know
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This poll was created on 2008-05-26 19:51:00 by malia07c