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Has Hinata gotten fat? You be the judge?

Has Hinata from Naruto: Shippuden gained weight?
Are you a Hinata fan?
Yeah, she's so cute and sweet, and angelic!
Yes, she never gives up and that's what's important!
She's my kind of girl!
No, she's pathetic. She says she wants to change but never does.
Hell No! She's weak and submissive. I hate that!
No, not really. She's bores me.
I don't really like her or hate her. She's just there.
Has she gained weight in Shippuden?
No, she's gorgeous!!!!!!
Nope, she just has huge melons now ;D
Maybe just a little, but it looks fine on her. Doesn't mean she's fat.
She looks chubby to me. :P
Someone's been snacking on twinkies while Naruto's been gone! XD
*sings* ~I don't want her, you can have her! She's too fat for me, too too fat for me!~
Thunder thighs! >:D
What about her new look/clothes/hair?
She has such good taste! Her clothes are pretty!
I like them. They suit her well.
Meh. They're okay. I like her first season outfit/hair better. >_>
Not another oversized jacket. *rolls eyes*
Ew, it's hideous.
Lame outfit. Lame hairstyle. So what else is new?
I don't care for them, but their not so bad.
Do you think Hinata is the best girl in Naruto or is there someone better?
Hinata is the best! She's so sweet and she always tries her best.
Sakura. She knew she had to change and did so! She's trustworthy, caring, and powerful(mentally and physically)
Ino. She may look conceited, but she's gave Sakura a chance when no one else would. Deep down, she's truly a good person who cares about teammates.
Temari. She kicks major a** and she never backs down.
Karin: She... um... reminds me of me! XD Sasuke is sooooo hawt!
Tenten. She has a good attitude. Girls can be just as tough as guys! Go Tenten!
Best Couple Ever?
Naruhina! I still have faith in it!
Narusaku! You know it's gonna happen.
Narusasu or Sasunaru >:D
Sasusaku! <3
This poll was created on 2008-06-08 06:40:41 by Kipkip