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Has Hinata gotten fat? You be the judge?

Has Hinata from Naruto: Shippuden gained weight?

Are you a Hinata fan?

54% (178) Yeah, she's so cute and sweet, and angelic!
30% (99) Yes, she never gives up and that's what's important!
22% (73) She's my kind of girl!
7% (26) No, she's pathetic. She says she wants to change but never does.
4% (14) Hell No! She's weak and submissive. I hate that!
6% (23) No, not really. She's bores me.
14% (47) I don't really like her or hate her. She's just there.

329 voters have answered this question.

Has she gained weight in Shippuden?

24% (79) No, she's gorgeous!!!!!!
32% (106) Nope, she just has huge melons now ;D
33% (110) Maybe just a little, but it looks fine on her. Doesn't mean she's fat.
18% (61) She looks chubby to me. :P
10% (34) Someone's been snacking on twinkies while Naruto's been gone! XD
7% (26) *sings* ~I don't want her, you can have her! She's too fat for me, too too fat for me!~
10% (35) Thunder thighs! >:D

329 voters have answered this question.

What about her new look/clothes/hair?

24% (81) She has such good taste! Her clothes are pretty!
41% (137) I like them. They suit her well.
15% (50) Meh. They're okay. I like her first season outfit/hair better. >_>
20% (69) Not another oversized jacket. *rolls eyes*
4% (16) Ew, it's hideous.
7% (24) Lame outfit. Lame hairstyle. So what else is new?
9% (31) I don't care for them, but their not so bad.

329 voters have answered this question.

Do you think Hinata is the best girl in Naruto or is there someone better?

56% (187) Hinata is the best! She's so sweet and she always tries her best.
17% (56) Sakura. She knew she had to change and did so! She's trustworthy, caring, and powerful(mentally and physically)
6% (20) Ino. She may look conceited, but she's gave Sakura a chance when no one else would. Deep down, she's truly a good person who cares about teammates.
13% (43) Temari. She kicks major a** and she never backs down.
0% (3) Karin: She... um... reminds me of me! XD Sasuke is sooooo hawt!
6% (20) Tenten. She has a good attitude. Girls can be just as tough as guys! Go Tenten!

329 voters have answered this question.

Best Couple Ever?

58% (192) Naruhina! I still have faith in it!
18% (61) Narusaku! You know it's gonna happen.
9% (32) Narusasu or Sasunaru >:D
9% (30) Kibahina!
3% (11) Sasuino
12% (41) Sasusaku! <3
3% (10) Inosaku
4% (16) Leesaku
3% (12) Nejihina
14% (48) Nejiten
3% (12) Shikaino
4% (15) Choino
15% (52) Shikatema
3% (10) Sasukarin
3% (11) Shinohina

329 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-06-08 06:40:41 by Kipkip
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