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Piercings on guys

Just getting your thoughts on different piercings. I just want your general thoughts- I know some piercings look good on some people and not on others- I just want your general thoughts. All the questions are essay questions, but you could just put one word answers for each one if you want, though I'd prefer a sentence or something. All the questions will just be one or two words- for instance, the first question just says "ear lobes". This basically means, what do you think of guys who have piercings in their ear lobes?
Ear lobes
Upper ear cartilage piercing
lip piercing
nose piercing
eyebrow piercing
Tongue piercing
Nipple piercings
Belly button piercings
Prince albert (basically a piercing that goes through the bottom part of the head of the penis, google image it if you don't know what it is, but, ya, you'll see penises so don't if it's not legal for you or you don't want to see that or something)
Ball sack piercing
Pubic piercing (basically right above where the shaft of the penis meets the rest of the body)
This poll was created on 2008-07-04 19:08:53 by Teiji666