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Disney catfights rd 1

Jessica Rabbit is confident, aerial is stronger than she looks, and the upset nani is aiming to take Jessica down
Here we go #1: Jessica Rabbit vs #8: Nani (stitch)
Jessica jumps on top of nani and smothers her w/ her giant breasts.
Nani uses her quickness and strength to overpower Jessica.
The character recovers and they begin to roll around on the ground, biting, scratching, and punching. Then...
Jessica body slams Nani and jiggles her breasts in nani's face claiming that hers are 5Xs bigger than nani's
Nani puts Jessica in a scissor hold and shoves her crotch into Jessica's face saying that she's gonna kick the motherf***ing s*** out of her.
The girl (furious) goes after her opponent's weak point...
and after Jessica continues to stomp on Nani's crotch Nani gets out of it
and after Nani punching Jessica's breasts harder and harder Jessica escapes the pain
Both of the girls are wiped out but will not quit. Then the match winning move is...
Jessica smothering Nani with her breasts and strips her of her clothing (and respect).
Jessica putting Nani in a cradle hold and Nani quits after too much pain.
Nani throws Jessica down on the ground and jumps up and down on her breasts and makes Jessica cry.
Nani suffocates her by sitting on her face and Jessica passes out.
The winner wants to destroy her opponent and...
pins the girl and punches her breast over and over again.
choke holds the girl and makes her pass out.
jumps on the girl and gives her a purple nurple and viciously grabs her croutch.
Who is all around better?
Jessica Rabbit
This poll was created on 2008-07-30 15:33:50 by dwigt2