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NBC's The Office Catfight match 1

The old boss vs the small blonde tight a**.
#1: Jan Gould vs #8: Angela Martin
Jan starts by throwing Angela on the ground and sitting on her face.
Angela grabs Jan by the hair and flips her over her shoulder.
The opponent gets up and the girls go at it again, when suddenly...
Jan choke holds Angela and throws her on the ground again
Angela jumps on Jan's back and starts hitting her head until Jan colapses
The women start rolling around on the floor when...
Jan wripps Angela's sweater and skirt off and grabs her breasts until Angela bursts into tears
Angela tears off Jan's suit and puts her in a cradel until Jan screams in pain
Both girls are wiped out & can't continue much longer. Suddenly...
Jan throws Angela on a desk and body slams her
Angela pushes Jan into the conferance room and lifts her up on her shoulders and tosses her through the window
The match winning move is...
Jan putting Angela in a scissor hold and in 30 grueling min. Angela finally passes out.
Angela breasts smothers Jan and when Jan throws her off of her Angela jumps back on her and chokes her until Jan passes out.
The winner waits for the loser to get up and...
squeezes her boobs so hard until they're red.
strippes her of her bra & panties and tells her to tell the other b****es that this is what's gonna happen if the mess with her.
shakes her hand and walks away.
This poll was created on 2008-08-04 02:36:53 by dwigt2