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NBC's The Office catfight match 3

Karen really wants to advance and fight pam, but Kelly really wants to fight Katy or Pam. The two meet in the stamford office...
#3: Karen Filipelli vs #6: Kelly Kapoor
Karen grabs Kelly by the hair and slams her down on the ground and jumps on her and starts kicking the crap out of her
Kelly jumps on Karen's back and pulls her down to the ground and starts kicking the crap out of her
The girl recovers and they start rolling around on the ground untill...
Karen bodyslams Kelly and grabs her boobs and tries to shift them up to her neck
Kelly grabs Karen by the crouch and throws her down on a desk
Both girls are tired a but will not give up when suddenly...
Karen puts Katy in a cradle hold and makes her cry
Kelly puts Karen in a scissor hold for 1 grueling hour
The girl gets out of the hold and neither girl can take much more pain when...
Karen almost pulls all of Kelly's hair out and makes her scream in pain
Kelly gives Karen a purple nurple so hard that Karen starts to cry
Then to win the match...
Karen breastsmothers Kelly and makes her pass out
Kelly chokeholds Karen until she faints
The winner waits for the girl to wake up and...
shakes the losers hand and walks away.
Strips her out of all her cloths and tells her to tell the other girls this is what's gonna happen if they mess with her (especially Pam).
gives her a purple nurple.
This poll was created on 2008-08-04 13:40:10 by dwigt2