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Puppet Master preferences

A general poll about the Puppet Master film series, since I don't believe there are any more.
How do you like the Puppet Master series?
I consider myself a big fan of the series!
I like the series a bit
It's a mediocre franchise
It sucks
Why do you think so?
It's scary!
It's cool!
It's corny!
Nothing special about it
It fails to be entertaining
Do you believe the series went bad? If so, when?
It was never good
Puppet Master 4
Curse of the Puppet Master
Retro Puppet Master
The Legacy
Puppet Master vs. The Demonic Toys
Overall the series is still going strong IMO
Would you like to see a new installment?
Only if they put some work into the next one...
Just let it die!
For those who are fans, what is your favorite PM film so far?
Puppet Master
Puppet Master 2
Puppet Master 3
Puppet Master 4
Puppet Master 5
Curse of the Puppet Master
Retro Puppet Master
Puppet Master: The Legacy
Puppet Master vs. The Demonic Toys
Of Toulon's main 8 puppets, who are your favorites?
Leech Woman
I like the Retro puppets best
I like the minor puppets like the Oriental one in the beginning of the first film! (Wha??! o_0)
I'm a fan and I stil hate them all (Double wha??! 0_0)
Who is your favorite "puppet master"?
old Andre Toulon (PM 1, 3, 4, 5)
Young Andre Toulon (Retro)
Eccentric zombie Toulon (PM 2)
Neil Gallagher
Camille Kenney (From the end of PM 2)
Rick Meyers
Dr. Magrew
Peter Hertz/Eric Weiss
Robert Toulon
I hate them all!
Eric Steinn; Nazi dork from PM 3
Who is the best main villain?
Neil Gallagher
Zombie Toulon
Major Krauss
Sutek and Totems
Dr. Magrew
Sutek's mummies-in-black
Erica Sharpe and Bael
They all suck, more puppets killing random innocents!
Do you think the puppets are good or evil?
They're good, since they were created for good
They're evil, because their forms have shaped their personas
It depends on the master
I don't really care
What do you think about the continuity?
Needs retcons to make any sense
It is possible to organize them, if you omit or make up explanations for some events
It's possible to put them in order, but some need to be omitted/take place in different canons
Do you think "Puppets vs. Chucky" is really a fair fight?
No, the puppets could easily ambush Chucky with superior powers
No, Chucky could easily outsmart/overpower the puppets
One or two puppets vs. Chucky is fair
This poll was created on 2008-08-09 02:53:20 by Billy Cole Dandridge