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What would you do? 2

A poll with random questions and scenarios. Pick the one that best suits you.
You're walking down the street, and a big fat guy comes up to you, and asks you for money for a doughnut. What do you do?
Give him the money.
Politely say no, and continue on your way.
Punch the rat bastard in the throat, and spit on his nuts.
Ask for a blow job in return.
You're watching a movie in a theater, and there is a group of ruffians in the back making lots of noise and being generally obnoxious. What do you do?
Ignore them and attempt to enjoy the movie.
Ask them nicely to stop being so loud, and hope that they cooperate.
Yell at them from your seat, and demand that they be quiet.
Walk up to them, and commence to beating the shit out of them.
You're at a party, and a homosexual is hitting on you even though you're straight. What do you do?
Just take it as a compliment, and enjoy the party.
Hit on them back.
Tell him/her nicely that you're straight, and that you're not interested.
Verbally assault them, and tell them to fuck off.
Commence to beating the fuck out of him/her, and then take their money afterward.
You're sitting on a park bench, and then you see hundreds of pigeon start to land all around you. What do you do?
Feed them some bread crumbs.
Ignore them entirely and enjoy your relaxation.
Pull out a BB gun, and commence to shooting the hell out of them all.
Run at them wildly in an attempt to scare them all away.
Take off all of your clothes, form it into some sort of net, and then attempt to capture one of the pigeons for dinner later that night.
A doctor informs you that you have aids. What do you do?
Cry about it, and spend the rest of your life feeling sorry for yourself.
Try to enjoy the rest of the time you have with family and friends, and try to live life to the fullest.
Laugh hysterically, and then attempt to spread aids to everyone that you can before you die.
Fill a bunch of burlap sacks with plastic bags of your aids infested blood, and attempt to sell it as a weapon.
You're swimming in a public pool, and you reach a warm spot in the water. What do you do?
Ignore it entirely.
Jump out of the pool, and wash off.
Drink the water.
Look around for the nearest fat kid in the pool, and commence to beating the shit out of him until he confesses to pissing in the pool.
You're on a blind date, and your date opens up to you, and admits to being a serial rapist. What do you do?
Advise them to get help, and perhaps some therapy.
Turn them into the police.
Tell them that you don't give a flying shit, and enjoy the rest of your date.
Tell them that you're a serial rapist as well, and attempt to skull fuck them.
You're along the beach, and you find a purse with 3,000 dollars in it. What do you do?
Turn it into the police.
Take it for yourself.
Donate it to charity.
Throw out the money, and keep the purse.
Use some of the money to buy some fruit, and then attempt to make a fruit salad out of the remaining money. You later burn whatever you couldn't manage to eat, and you use the purse as a dog bowl.
You're taking a poll on the internet, and then you get to an incredibly disturbing question. What do you do?
Ignore it, and move on to the next question.
Take it like a man, and answer truthfully.
Avoid taking it seriously, and just fill in the dumbest answer you could find.
Fill in a random answer just to feel like you accomplished something.
Get pissed off, and go find the nearest fat kid in your neighborhood, and then proceed to beat the crap out of him.
You're friend takes you to a democrat convention without telling you where he was taking you. You're a republican. What do you do?
Just wait it through, and kindly tell your friend that you're a republican and didn't want to be there.
Wait till it's over, and then punch your friend in the face, and disown him forever.
Convert to a democrat.
Make a huge ruckus, and piss off as many people there as possible until you get kicked out.
Run away in fear, with or without your friend.
This poll was created on 2008-10-11 05:55:20 by FartHack