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women of tv wrestling tournament

summer glau vs. leana headey from (terminator sarah conner) in a pillow fight
summer slaps leana in the face with a pillow then power bombs her on the bed for the win
leana throws summer onto the bed and bends her over her knee and spanks her for the win
Sarah Wayne Callies vs. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe from (prison break) in a gravy bowl match
sarah spanks jodi then shoves her face in the gravy causing jodi to submit because she can't breathe
jodi body slams sarah into the gravy then pins sarah folding her legs over her body and spanks her.
Anna Torv vs. Eva longoria in a strap match
anna uses the strap on Eva's backside then powerbombs her for the win
Eva wraps the strap around anna's neck and leads her around the ring like a dog, then straps her butt over her knee before pinning her for the win.
elisha cuthbert (24) vs. mila kunis (70s show) in a hardcore match
mila hits elisha over the head with a chair and pins her
elisha beats up mila badly and she is carried out on a stretcher
team 1 christina aguilera,angelina jolie,vanessa hudgens vs team 2 maggie gylennhaal, mariah carey,rihanna
team 1
team 2
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