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Farm Animal Abuse

Well my poll is based on California's prop. 2 and i am creating this poll to just see the opinions of the people or kids of the usa! I dont like to see farm animals abused and would like to see if others also agree. I am doing researching this topic and I think this would really help me out!! I think this is a serious topic and, I dont want the farm animals abused so please take the time and complete the poll. thanks.

Do you think it is wrong to see 6 or 7 chickens shoved into one cage?

66% (24) yes, it is so wrong
22% (8) well, i think there needs to be more space because of the chickens health, but keep them that way because of economic reasons (both sides)
11% (4) no, i dont really see anything wrong with that

36 voters have answered this question.

Do you think all animals need to be free range farmed (they get to go outside and rome on a certain amount of land)?

55% (20) yes, that would be better
2% (1) no way
41% (15) yes and no, yes because it would be better for the farm animals and, no because of the cost.

36 voters have answered this question.

Do you think it is fair that the baby calfs are taken away from their mothers earlier than in nature?

58% (20) no!!
41% (14) yes

34 voters have answered this question.

Should cows be put in small areas where they have sores all over their bodies because of to much milking, also because of them peeing on themselves. And because they are cramped?

91% (32) no, i think that is so unfair to the cows!
8% (3) yes, they are meant for food.
0% (0) i dont really care

35 voters have answered this question.

Do you think pigs need enough space to lie down and turn around fully?

88% (32) yes
8% (3) no
2% (1) who cares!

36 voters have answered this question.

What is your opinion? (choose the one that best discribes what you think.)

13% (5) well i think animals are animals and they need to be put in cages and they are just for food so whos cares.
69% (25) well i agree that its best for the animals to be free ranged.
5% (2) i havent decided
27% (10) i think it would be best for the animals but for economic reasons they need to be in bigger cages at least

36 voters have answered this question.

Now write what you feel about this topic. You dont have to write alot but just like 2 sentences to see how you fell about my topic... thanks

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25 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-11-14 22:16:39 by yingyang
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