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Left 4 Dead, No Mercy Glitches

You opinion on many glitches in left 4 dead on No Mercy
How do you feel about the glitch on No Mercy: the sewers, where, while on the rooftop after the lift, a smoker can pull you off and instant kill you?
It's not cool and should be fixed as soon as possible!
It's a good tactic to help deal with the survivors
On No Mercy: The sewers the survivors are able to break down the metal door, therefore avoiding the horde. How do you feel about this?
I think it's unfair that they can avoid the horde in an area where they are supposed to fight it, and it should be fixed
I think it's fair, because during that time, the survivors are more vulnerable, and its a good strategic move
During No Mercy: The appartements it's possible to jump off the roof and survive, is this fair?
No, since it is supposed to be an instant death, as to make you play through the path and should be fixed
Yes, since it is a good stratagem to surviving
During No Mercy on the 4th level, it is possible to move the yellow bin in front of the elevator, trapping the survivors for an indefinite period, is this fair?
No, for it makes it very difficult to beat the level, and should be fixed
Yes, as it's a way to strategically entrap the survivors that helps win the round for the infected
In no Mercy, level 4, you can move a forklift to block the safe house door, is this fair?
No, it makes all the hard work on the round for nothing, and should be fixed.
Yes, as its a good way to delay survivors
In No Mercy : Rooftop Finale, it's possible to instant kill a survivor on the roof with a smoker by pulling the off the building after getting on the roof. Is this fair?
No, it totally kills of a survivor way to early
Yes, as its a strategy that is very effective
This poll was created on 2008-12-31 22:19:31 by Cdoon