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What you look for in Yugioh DM GX 5D's fanart?

Looking for what people look for in fanart.
What shipping do you look for in Yugioh fanart?
I hate shipping
What characters do you like to see fanart of?
anime filler characters
Female characters.
manga only characters
Main characters like Yusei Fudo, Yugi mutou, Pharaoh Atemu and Yuki Jaden.
Cool guys like Ryo Marafuji, Seto Kaiba & Jack Atlus.
Do you like to see fanart depicting characters the artist hates deing or being put through hell?
doesn't matter
What type of monsters do you like to see in fanart?
dragons from the anime like blue eyes white dragon, cyber dragon and red dragon archfiend.
black magician, junk warrior, e-hero neos
female monsters like harpies and fairies.
kuriboh, ojamas, watapan, hane kuriboh, ruby carbuncle, any pet monsters
evil monsters, dark world monsters.leviantahn, zork
Another shipping question:Do you prefer Fianceshipping(Judai x Asuka) or do you prefer Manjyoume x Asuka?
I prefer royal shipping actually.
judai x asuka
manjyoume x asuka
And what do you think of Frazzle shipping(Jounouchi x Rebecca)?
I like it.
it's okay
I don't like it.
This poll was created on 2009-01-12 01:08:18 by Deegee