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Favourite FNL Moments

Vote for your favourite FNL moments! The top 10 will be included in a fan tribute video!

Favourite FNL Moments. Please choose all that apply.

50% (18) Tami pep talk to Eric. I belive in you.
75% (27) Tami/Julie sex talk (s3)
36% (13) Eric/Tami talk after Eric found underwear (S1 E17)
55% (20) Eric halftime speech. State (S1)
66% (24) Tami telling Eric she's pregnant.
44% (16) Eric - they had a blanket
47% (17) Eric comforting Tami post racism forum
22% (8) Riggins roast speech
44% (16) Tami's speech at Roast
55% (20) Smash's final scene
63% (23) Coach throwing Matt in bathtub
44% (16) Tami at clinic finding out she is pregnant
52% (19) Eric/Tami after roast telling Eric she is not going to Austin
52% (19) Eric/Tami hotel room after State (hug/talk)
11% (4) Lyla/Jason fight - Lyla throws cup of water at him

36 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-01-22 21:08:56 by pantherama
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