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Superman Poll

A poll about Superman and his movies.
Which of the following is the best Superman movie?
Superman: The Movie (1978)
Superman II (this can be the Lester cut OR the Donner cut; it's your choice)
Superman Returns
Which of the following is your favorite comic version of Superman?
Golden age
Silver age
Post-infinite crisis
What is the best Superman comic book/graphic novel?
Red Son
What is your favorite film/TV incarnation of Superman?
The 1940's Fleischer serial cartoons
George Reeves' Adventures of Superman
Superman of the Superfriends
Christopher Reeve's Superman
Superman of Lois and Clark
The Bruce Timm/Paul Dini DC Animated Universe Superman
Smallville's Clark Kent
Brandon Routh in Superman Returns (or would this fall under Reeve?)
What's your favorite version of the origin?
The first one
The silver age one
The Donner 1978 Reeve film one
Byrne's Man of Steel
If Smallville's one counts...
The Timm/Dini DCAU Superman first three episodes
Superman: Secret Origins by Johns & Frank
Superman III vs. Superman Returns
Superman III
Superman Returns
Can Superman make love with his powers?
Yes, but it'd kill whom he loves
No, his powers make him asexual
Yes, but his heat vision would burn the woman's face (Smallville)
Yes, he can (normally) with no adverse effects on his partner
No, for another reason
Should a missile from Superman I free the Phantom Zone villains or a bomb from Paris?
Missile from Superman I
Bomb from Paris
Should Lois jump off a building or into a river to test if Clark's Superman?
How should Clark's secret identity be revealed?
He trips on a bear
Lois fires a pistol at him
Should Superman destroy his Fortress of Solitude?
Should Lois lose her memory of Superman's identity?
Yes, through a memory-erasing kiss
Yes, because Superman would reverse time
How would you want the next Superman film?
A reboot, completely retell the origin
A sequel to Superman Returns, give Singer's Superman another chance
Not to be made, end Superman now and show it some mercy
Smallville: The Movie
The Incredible Hulk route, a.k.a. a semi-sequel to Superman Returns with massive retcon (kind of like Superman Returns except not so many homages to the Reeve films and with a stronger plot and more action)
Which villain should be in the next Superman movie? (mark all that apply)
Corrupt corporate executive Luthor
Mad scientist Luthor
Luthor is the ONLY villain (they can set up other villains to be in the sequel since this is a reboot)
General Zod
Mr. Mxylptlkljskljkjdflajlddlkfjleiovnzxncvtlk
Mobsters are the only villains
Should they get Brandon Routh to play Superman in the reboot?
No, someone different
No, Nicolas Cage
No, Tom Welling
No, have a CGI Christopher Reeve
Choose director (for next Superman)
Tim Burton
Bryan Singer (or is it Brian?)
Richard Donner
Richard Lester
Geoff Johns
Someone else
This poll was created on 2009-01-15 04:14:51 by ABCIMe123