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Make your own ninja #2:Secretive of Secret missions

Lady Tsunade is counting on you, Sakura,Sasuke,Naruto,and you, you are the most succesful group always getting straight A's on your chunin exams (except for Naruto of course) and now you have to find Princess fortune captured by Irochimaru who will kill her within 48 hours, you have 2 days to save her the choice is yours and yours alone, are you going to take this LONG poll and save princess fortune or back away and stuff yourself with Ramen noodles?
I SAID the choice was your so,are you going to
Go on the journey and in return you earn 150 yen
Go to Miyu's Ramen stand and stuff yourself with 7 bowls of ramen (If you choose this,then leave the poll and go home to the ninja academy)
If you chose A, then welcome to the journey!:) to start you have to wake up at 4:30 a.m and on this journey/poll i'm going to be VERY descriptive and literal so pay ATTENTION! So. it's Friday May 13th 75 degrees 4:30 a.m how do you start your early morning?....
4:30 -4:45 a.m Sleep until 4:45 and turn on the snooze alarm button. (you need the sleep to fight)
4:30- Get up early for Lady Tsunade, she's counting on you:)! make your bed, and go to the bathroom to freshen up and brush your teeth
If you woke up at 4:45, 15 minutes DID NOT hurt you and if you choose wake up early pretend this is your early start.So do you start your journey day by.....
4:45-5:00 a.m Brushing your teeth and then take a quick cold shower
4:45-5:00 a.m Excersize in your room for a few minutes practicing your ninjitsu and Genjitsu and then hop into the shower.
4:45-5:00 a.m You have a mini kitchen in your dorm room, you have some tea and a chocolate bisquit, watch the Dawn show, and then jump in the shower with the tv on.
After you take your shower you wear:
girl:black leggings,blue kimono/shirt, blue ninja shoes
girl:pink babydoll dress,blue ninja shoes
girl:blue sophie shorts,brown parka,blue ninja shoes
boy:orange kimono/shirt,black wide leg pants,blue ninja shoes
boy:purple jumpsuit,blue legwarmers,blue ninja shoes
boy:dark green scrubs,brown parka,blue ninja shoes
Your hair is wet and you need to do something with it do you:
Leave it wet and out/with a ninja headband
put in pigtails or 2 braids/with a ninja headband
put in a ponytail/with a ninja headband
put it in a high bun with a ribbon/with a ninja headband
1 braid/ninja headband
bald/spiked/mohawk/ninja headband
It's 5:15 a.m, you need to pack your small backpack you pack:
An extra pair of clothes, pajamas, a hairbrush,and some money
a walky-talky,a teddy bear,a cup noodles,and some clothes
It's 5:30 a.m,time to meet with your group but your starving! you can grab an eat and go snack....Do you have..
a handful of granola
a fruit
a crunchy rice patty (as seen on Naruto theme, what Choji is eating)
It's 5:45 a.m your group is outside, you guys quickly jump on trees to get on the train station, you catch the 5:50 train and have five hours to get to the main city of the sound village to pass the time do you:
Girl:Flirt with Sasuke and make Sakura jealous
Boy:Flirt with Sakura and make Naruto jealous
sleep zzzzzz your tireeeedddddd
read your great novel about the diares of the worlds greatest ninja's ever lived.
it's 9:45 a.m Stop flirting with Sasuke or Sakura, wake up!, put that book mark on the 432nd page,or stop what other thing your doing because you and your team have just stopped in the Sound village, you go into the village and have only a little bit of time to relax or you can start your journey early, maybe to REALLY catch Irochimaru off guard, do you....
Girls:Shop with Sakura
Boys:Buy some cologne with Naruto and other manly accessories for attention from Sakura or the LADDDDDIIIESSSS!
watch street shows
sit in a quiet place and continue your novel
It's now 10:25 a.m, time to get back to buisness! you run out of the village and begin to jump off mountains,lush trees,and soon,big clouds.....It takes you mannnny hours soon it reaches 2:30 p.m and your feet can't jump any higher or lower do you.......
Tell your group you can't jump any higher and begin to walk, besides you believe you see a resturaunt or a rest stop ahead...
Keep JUMPING!!!you know you can do it!!!!
Girl:pretend to pass out, your SURE Sasuke will catch you with his strong arms (you'll make Sakura even MORE jealous)
Boy:Sakura's in front of you,kick her leg,she'll fall, and you'll catch her.(you'll make Naruto even MORE jealous)
It's time to rest, you've all been traveling a long way,and you're all hungry,thirsty,and tired, you all reach a resturaunt to have lunch, a big lady in an apron comes to take your order, do you have.....
Drink:Juice/fruit Juices
Food:A bowl of rice with chopsticks
Food:Vegetable dumpings
Food:Ramen Noodles
Food:Sweet bean soup
It's know 3:15 p.m your bowl of food is empty, your glass is empty and your full and energized, Sasuke pays the bill,and you begin your journey again, from 3:15 to 7:50 p.m, It's almost completley dark out and Sasuke decides it's time to rest, everyone lays out matresses and blankets, and sets up camp in a small cave, 9:30 p.m is lights out you have free time,(don't worry, THE REAL action starts tomorrow) in your free time do you......
Boys:Grab Sakura's hand,lace fingers, and lead Sakura to a hidden part of the cave and make-out!!!<3 <3 <3 :)
Girls:Talk to Sasuke about how much of a good leader he is and then put your hand near his and smile :)
Talk to Naruto about how much of a perv Jeriya Sensei is
excersize, practice your signature Ninja moves, you need a quick comeback if Irochimaru does something to REALLY hurt you!
Sit in a silent corner of the cave and read some more of that novel:)
It's now 9:15, time to get ready for bed, do you......
Take a bath in the stream next to the cave and use sweet smelling flowers for smell to wash
wash your face in the stream and brush your teeth with mint plants and a clean stick
search your bag for your extra clothes and lay it out for tomorrow
You then throw on your pajamas, your pajamas are,
Girls:a long kimono shirt
Girls:Blue boy shorts and a navy blue tank
Girls: a red chinese bottom and top pj's
Boys:a blue plain tee short-sleeved top and matching blue plaid pj pants
Boys:red pj bottoms and top less
Boys:an orange robe with the first letter of your name in red stiched on it
If you took a bath then how do you wear your hair wet, if you didn't take a bath you can still answer this question.....
Wet: you comb it then leave it out
Wet:Wear it in pigtails,or 2 braids
Wet:wear it in a bun
leave it out
wear in pigtails or 2 braids
a bun
Who do you put your sleeping bag next to?Whoa re you going to sleep next to?
The next day you all wake up at 5:00 a.m, throw on a fresh pair of clothes, brush your hair the way it was yesterday, fold up your sleeping bags, and continue your journey, by 9:30 a.m you encounter a large cave that reads:この点を超えて移動しないでください!English translation:Do not go beyond this point! Do you....
Tell the group to go beyond the point, Orochimaru HAS to be there!
Don't go, your too stupid to realize that Princess Fortune is screaming in a muffled voice
I'm sure you all picked Go beyond the point, if you didn't, then princess fortune will die and you can all make your way back home to the Ninja Academy and turn off your computer and do something else! If you went beyond the point then you hear Irochimaru's voice saying:Shut up you over sized woman this shakura will kill you if you dip into the pool of it, when you do, your skin will perish,and you will die!you run inside! you.....
do your signature ninja move you've been perfecting for 4 months on Irochimaru making him blast through 3 walls
run to princess fortune and back flip onto the bar in which she hangs and quickly untie her and put her in safety while Sasuke fights Irochimaru
back slap Irochimaru, take out his knife, and cut his hair off, and jam him into the wall, breaking his arm
Irochimaru manages to get up, If you chose B,Princess fortune is safe and you can begin to figth Irochimaru when Sasuke got bucked off him, if you didn't Sakura did that work so you can continue to fight Irochimaru,anyway he manages to get up, when he does do you.....
Jump high,grab your stake in your pocket and stab him in the stomach
donkey kick him in the face, try your signature Ninja move on him again,and then double punch him hard knocking him out
Back-flip in the air,take out your ninja knife and stab him in the face
Good job, but Irochimaru's henchman come and almost destroy you!you become very weak and feel as if your about to die do you......
lay down and wait
If you got up, good job, you manage to discombobulate three of the henchman's head's with one blow and if you lied down and waited, the three of the Henchman came at you but tripped and fell in the acid, you quickly grab princess Fortune, and guide her home to the Leaf Village within 15 hours.When you get home on May 15th Monday at 12:00 p.m do you.....
Go on the Ninja Academy campus and talk to a group of friends that want to know the full details of your trip
Work harder on The Signature Ninja move
Grab a bag of chips lie down on your bed, and fall asleep with the tv on
Congragulations, Lady Tsunade was over impressed by you and your group's acclompishments, you get your money in an envelope, if your a boy you make with the Sakura a few more times and if your a girl Sasuke finally kisses you and just wait until your next mission......
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