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Huge female celebrity tickling

Some Hollywood stars don't always like each other. Now what if these women would settle their differences by having a huge tickle tournament?

The Most Famous Hollywood beef: Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. This is the first tickle fight, what happens?

34% (252) Jennifer has Angelina screaming for mercy within seconds
34% (256) Angelina tickles the shit out of Jennifer
17% (129) Fellow Friends actress Courtney Cox joins the fight and together with Jennifer they tickle torture Angelina
14% (104) Old friend Winona Ryder helps out Angelina with tickling Jennifer

741 voters have answered this question.

Next fight: Keira Knightley and Lindsay Lohan don't get along that well either and start tickling each other. What happens?

16% (112) Keira tickles Lindsay on every inch of her very ticklish body
43% (291) Lindsay has Keira begging for mercy and ignores all screams for help
17% (119) Fellow English girl Emma Watson helps Keira to tickle Lindsay insane
22% (148) Lindsay and other teen-star Hilary Duff overpower Keira and tickle her helpless body

670 voters have answered this question.

Tom Cruise has 2 ex-wifes that aren't alway too nice to each other. Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz. Reason enough for them to be the next to enter the tickle arena.

42% (286) Nicole turns out to be so ticklish that within a second, she screams her head of and begs and begs for mercy
18% (125) Nicole finds Penelopes most ticklish spot and uses it to win the tickle fight
22% (152) Salma Hayek, great tickler and good friend of Penelope joins the fight and together they tickle Nicole so bad that she passes out and wets herself. Screams all over.
16% (110) Current wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes decides she likes Nicole better en so they tickle Penelope until she can't take it anymore

673 voters have answered this question.

Battle of the blonds: Jessica Alba vs. Cameron Diaz

38% (259) Cameron tickles Jessica who laughs her head off
30% (208) Jessica defeats Cameron by tickling her on her insanely ticklish feet.
12% (86) An extra blonde joins the fight: Kirsten Dunst. She helps Jessica to tickle Cameron
18% (124) An extra blonde joins the fight: Kate Hudson. She helps Cameron to tickle Jessica

677 voters have answered this question.

Last but not least: Battle of the singers. Our proud victims are Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce

21% (147) Jennifer can't take the tickling on her tummy and soon she finds herself in hysterical laughter
33% (226) Beyonce can't stop Jennifers quick tickling fingers on her ribs and falls down screaming like hell.
22% (150) No one less than Britney Spears jumps in to help Jennifer and poor Beyonce now suffers from four hands tickling every ticklish spot on her body.
22% (148) Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger comes out of nowhere and grabs Jennifer who can do nothing else than endure the long tickle torture she gets from the two ladies.

671 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-03-28 13:29:55 by slafd
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