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Obama on foriegn policy

What do you think of what Obama has done recently going over to Europe.
Do you like that Obama has bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia
Yes, I love Saudi.
Do you like that France will not provide any more soldiers because of Obama
Yes, who cares about our troops
Do you like that Germany has not sent anyore troops
Yes, once again, who cares about troops
Do you like that Spain is thinking about pulling out their troops
Yes, we dont need troops
Do you think Obama is just a big empty suit
No, Hes our messiah
Yes, this man is nothing
Do you like that Obama is putting down our country over there.
Yes, hes absolutely right, forget America saved Europe from itself in WW2, and has made this world better, we are still an evil country.
No, hes suppose to be representing us in the world, and hes doing a horrible job
Do you like that Obama has accomplished nothing while going over to Europe other than making it on a bunch of magazenes, which is a waste of tax payer dollars
Yes, forget all the money he is spending, who cares about progress, Its Obama
Do you like what Obama has done over in Europe
Yes, Hes Obama, he can do anything
No, he wasted money for nothing but negative things
would you call Obama "The picture president" because he is nothing but good looks and words coming off a teleprompter.
No, He is the messiah, more than just words and good looks, HOPE AND CHANGE!
Yes, he is an empty suit.
What political views do you have
Conservative (Smart thinker)
This poll was created on 2009-04-10 01:54:36 by punkrock