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What Should I Name My OC?

I'm going to create a shojo manga, and I need name ideas for my main male love interest. here's what I've written about him: Main Character 2, the love interest: A boy created with dark magic by the evil witch, Sola. She created him in attempt to bring back her lover, who had died. However, though he has the same beautiful body as her lover, he is a different man and does not love his creator. Outraged at her failer, Sola had attempted to kill him. But (no name) had great powers, and escaped from Sola. But in the possess, he accidentally killed her. Riddled with guilt, he thinks of himself as a monster. He names himself (blank) after (something monsterus, dark, evil, ect) he lives in the forest. Tall, dark, and handsome. 16 years old. He’s extremely shy and has a short temper. At first impression he’s mean and selfish, but deep down he is kind, caring, and loving. one more thing, it takes place in Europe during WWII
What Should I Name My OC?
Orez (zero spelled backwards)
Nyoka (means snake)
Crevan (means fox)
Ryu (means dark)
Thanos (means death)
Than (means death)
Delano (means of the night)
other ideas (please post them!)
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