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Free boat ride for 3!

I just found a ticket for a free boat ride for 3 in my breakfast cereal! I'm going, who should I take with me?
Pick only two, I gotta get in on this boat too!
Charlie the Unicorn?
Wernher Von Braun?
Richard Nixon?
Dosu Kinuta?
Soulja Boy?
Sir Laurence Olivier?
Luigi Largo?
Wilford Brimley?
Akiva Schaffer?
....Jorma Taccone? Srsly?
Peter Tomarken?
Cpt. John Yossarian?
D.B. Cooper?
Andy Samberg?
Ricky Kalmon?
Rusty Venture?
Pavi Largo?
Jason Voorhees?
Rick Astley?
Dean Winchester?
Steven Seagal?
James Bond?
George Kennedy?
Johnny Bravo?
Sam Winchester?
Tony Soprano?
Bottom the Weaver?
This poll was created on 2009-05-10 15:12:43 by Billy Cole Dandridge