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Dragonball Z Questions and Debates

A poll on many questions and/or subjects of debate. Not to be confused with a standard DBZ poll or a what-if poll.

Which Buu is stronger?

44% (182) Super Buu after absorbing Gohan
55% (227) Kid Buu

409 voters have answered this question.

Does the Garlic Jr. Saga take place in the timeline?

52% (198) Yes, it is referenced at one point in the Fusion Saga, and a Garlic Jr.-exclusive character (Maron) appears in the Android Saga (not to mention Krillin names his daughter after Maron)
47% (179) No, because the "Krillin forgot" explanation is not valid for why he doesn't know that Gohan is Goku's son in Episode 1 when he saw him in Dead Zone

377 voters have answered this question.

Does Dragonball GT take place in the timeline?

48% (191) Yes
51% (199) No, the plot holes are too great, like the "Pilaf being alive" one and the whole "death system" one

390 voters have answered this question.

Why don't Goten and Trunks have tails?

33% (133) They were born without them (even though they have the same amount of Saiyan blood as Gohan)
66% (264) Someone (most likely Bulma and Chi-Chi) removed them until they were permanently gone, to prevent them from turning into Great Apes (sure, the moon was gone, but Piccolo did the same thing to Gohan after destroying the moon himself)

397 voters have answered this question.

Was Android 16 wished back to life when they brought back all of Cell's victims?

33% (130) Yes. After all, Android 8 was wished back at one point wasn't he? But like 17, 16 just wasn't seen again (well, there was one exception for 17).
66% (253) No. 16 was purely mechanical unlike 17. (creating a plot hole with Android 8 being wished back)

383 voters have answered this question.

Is the purple form with the horns Captain Ginyu's original body?

52% (202) Yes
47% (184) No, he got it through a body-switch

386 voters have answered this question.

Assuming Trunks and Goten did have tails but they were removed, who removed them?

72% (279) Bulma and Chi-Chi
27% (105) Vegeta and Gohan

384 voters have answered this question.

Who is stronger?

25% (99) Janemba
27% (108) Broly
47% (188) Super Buu after absorbing Gohan or Kid Buu

395 voters have answered this question.

How did Strock, Strong, Goose, and Oggers (Frieza's henchmen who tried out for the Ginyu Force) die?

50% (187) Killed when Ginyu knocked them into the sky
49% (181) Survived Ginyu's attack but were killed by Vegeta in the episode "Calling the Eternal Dragon"

368 voters have answered this question.

Did the redub ruin Vegeta's and Zarbon's voices?

35% (130) Yes! Vegeta's voice shouldn't sound so low and Zarbon's voice shouldn't sound so... Caroni! In both FUNimation original dub AND FUNimation redub, both Vegeta and Zarbon were voiced by the same guy, Christopher Sabat, so we know he's capable of doing good voices. Why the change?
37% (135) No, the low voice and the Caroni/King Cold voice suit Vegeta and Zarbon better than the higher-pitched/slightly higher voice and the cool Australian accent.
9% (36) Only Vegeta's voice was ruined
17% (63) Only Zarbon's voice was ruined

364 voters have answered this question.

By the Cell or even the Buu Sagas, would Vegeta still hate Yajirobe for cutting off his tail?

40% (153) Yes, you see in the Tenkaichi series you get some unfriendly and special dialogue between a tailless Vegeta and Yajirobe
59% (221) No, that's ancient history and he suffered way worse injuries from Goku and Gohan, and he might've removed Trunks's tail himself

374 voters have answered this question.

If Cell absorbs anyone the way he usually does (jabbing them with his tail and sucking them in a little bit at a time), can they be regurgitated like Android 18 was?

74% (279) No, the absorption process killed them. With 17 and 18, it's like he swallowed them whole.
25% (96) Yes, it "somehow" made them rematerialize inside him in one piece.

375 voters have answered this question.

In Dragonball GT, Pilaf appears when he should've died in DBZ (when Kid Buu blew up the earth), and the wish that brought everyone back excluded the evil ones. Did the wish somehow bring Pilaf back?

38% (141) Yes, Pilaf must've scammed the system
61% (229) No, cause GT is non-canon.

370 voters have answered this question.

Do androids experience fear?

90% (343) Yes, anyone who saw Vegeta destroy Android 19 can tell
9% (36) No, 19 was just "pretending" to run away. (and I'm a monkey's uncle)

379 voters have answered this question.

Why didn't King Kai tell Goku that Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta? (Instead he said that Planet Vegeta's guardian was a good man and destroyed the planet with a meteor to stop the Saiyans' reign of terror)

16% (61) Because he didn't know, despite Gregory's claim that King Kai knows everything
83% (316) Because he didn't want Goku to know about Frieza, fearing that he might seek him out to stop him. (I mean, in Episode 39 he told Goku to stay away from Frieza at all cost)

377 voters have answered this question.

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