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being lesbian

are you straight / bi / lesbian
straight ( then leave )
girl, why do you like girls ?
because vagina is awsome
girls are way better at sex/ makingout
i dont know..... i just am
lesbians answer this question - What do you think of penis
its gross
penis is ok ......vaginas better though
penis is good but it just aint for me ..........
Bi answer this question -
penis is better then vagina
vagina is better then penis
there both cool
what do you do when your in the locker room with girls changing ?
i honestly dont look at them i have a gf
i stare at there boobs a little bit
actully alot of them are lesbian to
do alot of people know ?
last question --- do you like being lesbian/bi
its who i am
This poll was created on 2009-06-07 00:56:48 by alxx