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The making of HP - Hermione's romantic escapade... Fleur!

After a few exhaustive filming days in the city, Hermione and Fleur, or Emma Watson and Clémence Poésy, call it a week and go shopping, arm in arm. Having spent a bigger-than-expected slice of their salary, they return to the hotel, giggling, and decide to go dancing later in the evening.
They already had a nice lunch and a lot of fun, when they arrive at the Club. French bubbles bring them in the right mood, and soon they're dancing. When the DJ suddenly plays a very slow and romantic song, they look each other in the eyes and without a word glide into each other's arms.
Emma rests her head on Clémence's shoulder
Clémence rests her head on Emma's shoulder
After a while
Clémence's lips search for Emma's
Clémence silently, but unmistakably begs to be kissed
Emma's lips search for Clémence's
Emma silently, but unmistakably begs to be kissed
But all good things come to an end... The DJ soon returns to the more typical repertoire and the following songs fail to bring back the magic. They look each other in the eyes again, longingly, and decide to leave for the hotel. At that moment it is already showing that
Emma will be Clémence's loving and caring guide that night
Clémence will teach Emma some heavenly things that night
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