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Morality of Whaling and Responses to Whaling

These questions were inspired by my watching "Whale Wars" last night on the Discovery Channel.
Is whaling morally wrong?
Yes, always.
Yes, sometimes.
Not Sure
Please select all of the answers you think to be true. Whaling is wrong because...
It is wrong to kill any animal for any reason.
It is wrong to kill endangered species.
It is wrong to kill for commercial reasons (making commercial products such as food, lamp oil and shoes).
It is wrong to kill for research purposes.
It is wrong to kill whales because they have some special quality or dignity that is different from other animals.
It is wrong to kill animals unless it is absolutely necessary for survival.
It is not wrong to kill whales.
Do animals have rights?
Yes, animals have the same basic rights as human beings.
Animals have limited rights; such as a right to be treated humanely and a right not to be tortured or used for medical research if the research causes harm to the animals.
Animals do not have rights but it is still morally wrong to intentionally inflict pain on an animal (or to harm an animal in any serious way; with the exception of legally accepted ways of killing for meat).
Animals do not have rights per se, yet it is still morally wrong to harm them in any way.
Animals do not have rights. We should be free to do with them as we please (though it is better to use them responsibly and avoid harming them for frivolous reasons).
Animals have no rights. We should be able to do anything we want to them (including torturing them for fun).
Have you seen "Whale Wars?"
Do you approve of the methods used by the Sea Shepherds?
Not Sure
Hypothetical: Let's assume for the moment that no whales are in danger of extinction and that it is possible to farm and kill whales for meat in the same way we farm and kill fish and livestock. In this scenario, let us assume that we have no moral objection to killing and eating cattle, chickens, or fish. If all of this is the case, then is whaling wrong and why? (Remember that we are bracketing all reasons such as opposition to any killing of any animal and so forth).
Yes, whaling is still wrong even in this scenario.
No, whaling is not wrong according to the rules of this scenario.
Not sure.
With regard to the scenario outlined in the last question: If you believe that whaling is wrong, yet killing cattle and fishing is not, then why?
Last Question: Why do you believe that whaling is wrong? (alternatively, why do believe that whaling is not wrong?)
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