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emma watson (hogwarts) vs anna popplewell (narnia)

5 ft 3.5 anna aka susan pevensie fights 5 ft 5 emma aka hermione granger. harry potter's emma in real life is athletic and an active sportswoman, anna isn't exactly any of these, but she's 1.5 yr older, which should compensate. or not?
arm wrestling : do young actresses have muscles ?
anna finally manages to beat her opponent
emma remains victorious after an endless duel
anna crushes emma's hand and arm
emma smashes anna's arm down onto the table
strongest legs or who squeezes harder ?
anna's leg muscles prove a touch stronger
emma's legs are a bit stronger
anna's legs crush desperate emma
emma's legs bruise poor anna badly
fascinating bear hug...
anna finally overcomes emma's last resistance
emma squeezes anna so tight that she faints
anna doesn't let emma escape till she submits
once in emma's arms anna is quickly subdued
boxing : how much dynamite do they have in their fists?
anna appears fitter and finally decks emma
emma's last blow is just too much for tender anna
anna's fists show no mercy and beat up emma
emma decks anna with a couple of hard blows
wrestling : young sportswoman emma against more mature anna
anna after a long struggle keeps emma under
emma's body scissors prove fatal for anna
anna manages to deck exhausted emma
emma throws herself on anna and smothers her
if anna should win a catfight against emma, how many minutes would she need to bring her opponent down?
if emma should beat anna in a catfight, how many minutes would she need to complete the job?
This poll was created on 2009-06-17 21:32:28 by brandic@fight