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miley cyrus vs selena gomez vs emily osment

Miley, Selena and Emily meet up at a hotel and get into a catfight to decide who the biggest star is! There all wearing jeans and t-shirts but bikinis underneath cause they just got back from the beach. This gets pretty hot
The girls stare each other down until...
Miley and Emily, who are already friends, decide to team up against Selena
Emily and Selena decide to team up against Miley because she has a lot of negitive press
Miley and Selena decide Emily is a b-list disney star and decide to team up against her
Can someone please finish this i really busy right now and dont have enough time, if you could involve a pool and mud bath it would be great, i really want to see those bikinis, and if someone gets a spanking i'm not complaining :)
This poll was created on 2009-06-21 21:37:15 by shweees