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Have Ketchup Packets Wronged You?

We would like to know how distraught fast food connoisseurs are over the inconvenience of ketchup packets. Bottom line: Are ketchup packets up to your standards of "fast food"?? How many times have you wanted to dip your french fries in ketchup while driving. You simply cannot dip and drive. We propose a solution. Easy quick-seal containers for your convenience while on-the-go. Tell us what you think...
How do you like your ketchup served on-the-go??
A. I like my ketchup served to me as it is...in small cumbersome packets
B. On my lap while trying to open a packet of ketchup and attempting to put it on my fries while driving
C. In easy, fun, 1.5 oz re-sealable plastic dipping containers
D. In my stomach after I have dipped my fries in the easy, fun, 1.5 oz re-sealable plastic dipping container
This poll was created on 2009-10-19 07:37:17 by Megan Poling