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Celebrity bearhugs

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Under 12
What happens if Megan Fox puts you in a bearhug?
That little girl's no match for me. I break out easily.
I can't believe how long it takes but I eventually free myself. My ribs are going to hurt for a week.
I struggle in vain. The pain is too much. Screaming my submission, I beg her to release me.
As she looks me in the eye, I go limp in her arms.
If you give up to her hold, what does Megan do?
She's a nice girl. She lets me go immediately and asks if I am okay.
She lets me go right away, but then taunts me by flexing her muscles and making me feel them.
She keeps me in the hold and makes me admit that she is my physical superior. After that she makes me beg her repeatedly before letting me collapse to the ground.
A submission is not good enough for the little vixen. With a smile on her face, she watches as unconsciousness overcomes me.
What happens if you put Megan Fox in a bearhug?
I make her give up quickly
It takes a while, but she submits to me.
She passes out in my arms.
Laughing at my weak attempt, Megan busts out of my bearhug and shows me how it's done. I can't believe it, but I'm the one singing my submission.
She can't get out but I can't make her submit either. It's a draw.
What happens if Paris Hilton puts you in a bearhug?
The hold is torture. I can't submit fast enough.
Not able to breath, my head rests on her shoulder as I pass out.
Ha! I get out easily.
To my shame, it takes almost an hour but I break free. Exhausted, I fall to the ground and hope she doesn't hurt me any more.
What does Paris do if you give up to her?
She's mean. She keeps me in the bearhug. Soon I'm crying but my tears mean nothing to her.
She lets me go, only to put me in a schoolgirl pin as she flexes her arms for me.
What happens if you put Paris Hilton in a bearhug?
I enjoy squeezing the life out of this spoiled rich girl. I ignore her pleas and knock her out.
She submits to me.
It takes a long time, but she wriggles free.
Though I squeeze as hard as I can, she seems unaffected and asks me when I plan on starting.
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