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In Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben Tennyson gets a watch-like device called the Omnitrix. It has the DNA of millions of aliens stored with in it. It can turn him into any alien, but only gives him 10 to start with. If you had an Omnitrix, what 10 aliens would you want to start with? I got the list from wiki.
What is your frist name or alias. (so I can build a mental image when analysing individual results). Please DO NOT leave your full name.
Pick only 10
Echo Echo (Sonorosian)
Ditto (Splixson)
Way Big (To'kustar)
Rath (Appoplexian)
Benwolf (Loboan)
Fourarms (Tetramand)
Diamondhead (Petrosapien)
Water Hazard
Eye Guy (Opticoid)
Cannonbolt (Arburian Pelarota)
Heatblase (Pyronite)
Eon (Chronian)
Wildmutte (Vulpimancer)
Stinkfly (Lepidopterran)
Wildvine (Florauna)
Big Chill (Necrofriggian)
Ghostfreak (Ectonurite)
Terraspin (Aldabrian)
Nanomech (Nanomechian)
XLR8 (Kineceleran)
Gray Matter (Galvan)
Alien X (Celestialsapien)
Swampfire (Methanosian)
Spidermonkey (Arachnichimp)
Spitter (Spheroid)
Buzzshock (Megawhatt)
Humongousaur (Vaxasaurian)
Ripjaws (Piscciss Volann)
Chromastone (Crystalsapien)
Jetray (Aerophibian)
Ampfibian (Amperi)
Upgrade (Galvanic Mechomorph)
Arcticguana (Polar Manzardill)
Goop (Polymorph)
Lodestar (Magnosapien)
Upchuck (Gourmand)
Benvicktor (Transylian)
Benmummy (Thep Khufan)
Brainstorm (Cerebrocrustacean)
Other aliens Ben never turned into
This poll was created on 2009-11-27 04:28:07 by Master_Geass