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Gunge gameshow!

This is the gameshow which you voted who would be in it, how they were gunged, outfits etc. The show is called 'back to school' as you will find out why soon. It involves two teams of two celebrities and a host. The team with the least points at the end will play a game which is likely to see them gunged. There will also be other celebrities involved which will involve them getting messy as you voted for them.

Welcome to 'back to school' the charity based gameshow. Here are our teams. The red team are Girls Aloud members Cheyl Cole and Kimberley Walsh. They are wearing school uniforms(white shirt/blouse, red and black ties, skirt and tights) Cheryl has shirt buttoned up apart from the top. Kim has shirt buttoned apart from top two so she is showing chest. They both sit waving. How do they look?

37% (39) nervous
18% (19) excited
21% (22) happy
18% (19) dreading it
4% (5) not bothered

104 voters have answered this question.

And on the Blue team are two well known presenters Zoe Salmon and Myleene Klass. They are also wearing school uniform except with blue and black ties. Zoe has her two top buttons undone but Myleene has all but her top button done up. They then wave to the camera how do they look?

5% (6) not bothered
30% (32) nervous
16% (17) happy
27% (29) excited
19% (20) dreading it

104 voters have answered this question.

the two teams were introduced by the host Holly Willoughby. She is also wearing school uniform, however she has a plain black tie and a blazer. she also has a short skirt on but no tights. She has her shirt fully buttoned up with the tie tight around her collar. She also explains to everyone that there are 5 other celebrities who are in the studio. These five celebrities are Rachel Stevens, Lily Allen, Pixie Lott, Frankie Sandford(the saturdays) and Katy Perry. These celebs are involved in a vote where the one with the most votes gets gunged. 2nd gets 3 messy pies in the face and 3rd gets a horrible bucket of a random school dinner over their head. The other two MIGHT get away clean. Who would you vote for?

20% (21) Rachel Stevens
7% (8) Lily Allen
28% (30) Pixie Lott
18% (19) Frankie sandford
25% (26) Katy perry

104 voters have answered this question.

The 1st round is just both teams get asked questions. However if they get their questions wrong then they get pied. They are stood at podiums with there names on the front. Each celeb looks nervous. A large trolley of huge aluminium/foil pie cases with huge amounts of squirty/ whipped cream in them. This immediately alerts the girls and the become more edgy. The trolley is supervised by Fearne cotton, holly's good friend, who will carry out any pieings.

100% (100) ok

100 voters have answered this question.

First question is to Cheryl and she gets it right. 1-0 to the reds. how does she look after getting the question right?

30% (32) relieved at avoiding the pie
5% (6) dissapointed
20% (21) smiling after not being pied
32% (34) looks to Kim in relief
10% (11) still nervous

104 voters have answered this question.

Next question goes to Zoe. She also gets it right. 1-1 and she looks extremely relieved. "those pies look particularly nasty and they are not ending up in my face" insists zoe after answering right. Holly replies with "we shall see" Next question to Kim. "What is the capital of Sweden" kim:"Erm... Oslo?" holly:"I'm afraid that is incorrect. Pie her!" fearne walks over to Kim and gently smooshes the pie in the face of Kim as she closes her eyes in anticipation of the creamy mess. she keeps pushing the pie on for 5 seconds. Kim's face is completely white and bits of cream and dropping onto hertanned chest and down her clean white shirt. she is shocked what does she do?

32% (34) Wipes eyes
2% (3) spits out cream
5% (6) nothing
30% (32) looks at Cheryl and says "stop laughing, you will be next."
18% (19) Gets cream from cleavage and chest and puts it in her mouth
9% (10) Pushes cream from forehead to her hair.

104 voters have answered this question.

First pieing, now a question for Myleene. she gets her question correct with a huge sigh of relief. "I do not like the look of those pies." holly:"think how poor kim feels" 2-1 to the blues. Camera goes to kim who is still wiping cream off her face.

100% (94) ok

94 voters have answered this question.

So back to Cheryl. How many years was Nelson Mandela imprisoned for? CC:"oh dear... i'm not sure..oh no i could be getting pied." she puts her head in her hands. "I'm guessing 22 years" HW: "The answer is 20...7 years. Go on Fearne pie her." Fearne picks up the biggest pie she could see and slowly walks to Cheryl. What is Cheryl doing?

6% (7) Biting her nails
21% (22) Smirking as she realises what is about to happen
11% (12) laughing to cover her distress
17% (18) head in hands
11% (12) standing straight ready for the pie
31% (33) Watching Fearne's every step towards her podium

104 voters have answered this question.

The pie is gently rubbed on her face and then after a few seconds pushed on and then taken off. Her face is more covered than Kim's and it is even in the front of her hair. lots of cream drops from her chin onto her shirt collar, tie and down shirt. Kim is now in hysterics as is everyone in the audience as this beautiful women has been pied. HW: How does it feel to be pied Cheryl?

10% (11) disgusting
22% (23) creamy
17% (18) its so embarrasing
22% (23) I cant believe what just happened!
21% (22) Its everywhere!
6% (7) I'd like a towel?

104 voters have answered this question.

Its still 2-1 to the blues. Zoe's 2nd question will she get pied like she was dreading. Where was William shakespeare born? "not a clue. i'll guess London but I have no clue so I'd bring on the pie as much as I hate to say it." HW : I'm afraid the answer was Stratford-upon-Avon. I'm afraid its a creamy ending for Zoe. Fearne again presses the pie against zoe's face and rotates it both ways a few times before taking it off. Zoe's face is covered and cream drips on to her lap and collar. No cream touches her hair which has been done especially for this show. What does she do?

16% (17) put cream from lap into her mouth
17% (18) wipes eyes
7% (8) spits out cream
17% (18) starts to laugh
5% (6) wipes cream from forehead to hair
35% (37) tries to throw some of the cream back at Fearne

104 voters have answered this question.

Kim and Myleene both get there questions right which means the score is 3-2 to the blues and they win the 1st round so they lead 1-0. Myleene is the only contestant clean. Holly as a parting gift to Fearne picks up 2 pies and gives Fearne a huge pie sandwich to which the 3 girls laugh. The front side and hair of Fearne are all covered and she spits out lots of cream. She thanks Holly for the pies and trudges off still covered in cream. The audience...

16% (17) clap
42% (44) cheer
0% (1) boo
37% (39) laugh
2% (3) stay quiet

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Time for the next round. Each contestant gets cleaned up but the three pied still have cream around the side of there faces where the towel didnt get. They also still have it on there uniforms but for the 2nd round the contestants will not be getting messy. This time getting messy for them is a different celeb. For the reds fellow Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding is playing in her school uniform with two buttons undone show a small bit of cleavage. For the blues Emma Watson will be helping out also in school uniform who only has her top button undone.

100% (98) ok

98 voters have answered this question.

For this round the two girls must sit on stools next to 8 buckets. The two teams must pick 5 buckets each and empty the contents over there girls head. In 3 of these buckets are stars which get the team a point. However in the other 5 are a nasty school dinner dish. The team with the most points at the end are the winners of the round. There to pour the buckets on the two girls is Caroline Flack who is wearing a white shirt with the top two buttons undone but with no tie. She is also wearing a black skirt. The blue team get to pick 1st and they pick bucket#7. Caroline lifts the lid and it is cold gravy. She slowly pours the contents over poor emma and screams as she tilts her head back slightly and the gravy streams down onto her face and then her lovely white uniform. what does her team do?

10% (11) Apoligise
30% (32) Laugh
45% (47) try not to laugh but cant help but laugh
13% (14) look in shock

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The red team pick the 2nd bucket and Cheryl chooses bucket #1. The lid is lifted and it is thick chocolate sauce/syrup. Sarah:"Oh my god, I cannot believe that is going to end up on me even if I love chocolate" Flack raises the bucket and dips her finger in to have a taste. She tips the bucket and the gloopy sauce slowly drips onto Sarah and then flows onto her face covering it and her lovley blonde hair. Sarah cant keep still and this spreads the chocolate even more. After 10 seconds the sauce stops flowing and she wipes her eyes. Her face, hair, shoulders, lap and uniform around the boobs is covered. She also has a lot down her shirt. "I always wondered what it would be like to get gunged but I never wanted it to happen especially in school uniform." She see's Cheryl laughing. What does she say to Cheryl?

15% (16) Thanks for this
36% (38) you will feel like this soon, GUNGED
19% (20) I hope you get gunged
9% (10) How do I look?
19% (20) Why couldn't this be you?

104 voters have answered this question.

The blues pick #4 which has the confetti stars in to Emma's relief as she managed to remove the main bits of gravy from her face. 1-0 to the blues and 5 buckets left. HW: It looks like the reds could getting a good gunging if the don't get there act together. If the blues get another point then the last round will be played for pride. How do they react to this?

39% (41) Smiling nervously
12% (13) laughing
9% (10) not bothered
18% (19) worried
20% (21) very nervous

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The reds pick bucket#8 which is the dreaded extra thick custard. CF: "this seems a lot heavier than the other buckets" She dribbles the custard onto Sarah's face which is tilted back which catches the brunt of the custard as she tips the bucket fully and quickly moves her head forward. There is now a huge puddle on her lap and her uniform is completely covered and Sarah looks completely grossed out. Pushes her shirt down and loads custard comes out from cleavage onto her lap. To try and mask the fact she can't bear being covered in mess she get the custard from her lap and starts rubbing it in her face and onto her uniform which is now stuck to her skin. HW:"how does it feel to be gunged in school uniform?" Sarah replies...

16% (17) horrible, it's so embarrasing
15% (16) It's so messy and its everywhere
17% (18) I never got messy at school so I didn't think it would ever happen
30% (32) We can swap places if you want
20% (21) Kim and Cheryl will find out soon enough

104 voters have answered this question.

the blues pick #5 as they only need one of the buckets with stars in to win the round and escape the final gunging. Emma has managed to get rid of most of the gravy from her face but the middle of her uniform is a dark brown colour. #5 happens to be baked beans. EW:"Oh god, I've always hated beans." The bucket is tipped and beans stream her face and drop onto her collar and some make it down her shirt. EW:"they're so cold" she now has a puddle on beans formed on her lap. As the last of the beans are poured she gets a small handful and throws them at Caroline Flack but misses. How does Flack react?

21% (22) Don't my nice, clean, white shirt messy.
25% (26) haha, you missed
39% (41) just you wait until the next bucket
14% (15) Almost got me!

104 voters have answered this question.

CF:"I don't want to get messy especially while wearing my new white shirt," HW:"We shall have to see about that then" Red team now pick #6. To Sarah's and the girls relief its stars. How do the blue team look?

25% (27) worried
15% (16) not bothered
24% (25) nervous
24% (25) excited
10% (11) shocked

104 voters have answered this question.

This bucket decides the round. If the blues get the star then they win the round and don't get gunged. However if they pick the other bucket then they lose the round and the gunging gets decided after the 3rd and final round. They pick bucket#2 which to their disgust is actually a whole bucket of lumpy rice pudding. EW:"NOOO! I can't believe it 50/50 chance. I hate rice pudding as well." 2-1 to the reds which takes the overall score to 1-1. The rice pudding is dumped over Emma who sits there and pretends to cry and it streams down face. As it slides down her face it runs off her chin and completely covering her uniform and making it wet which sticks to her. HW:"I bet this has never happened to you on set before, Emma?" EW:"No and I am a real girl and I hate getting caught out in the rain so you can imagine what this feels like. It's so gross and to get covered in school uniform I will be so edgy when wearing it in films now" Bucket #3 is opened and emptied on Sarah to her delight as the stars fall out. How do the reds react to their win?

25% (27) High fives with each other
50% (52) High fives with each other including Sarah who then rubs custard in their faces
11% (12) cheer
8% (9) smile
3% (4) don't really care

104 voters have answered this question.

HW:"well Caroline you dished out the gungings so its time for a taste of your own medicine seen as you are eager to stay clean which was never going to happen. Would like two buckets over your head or 3 super creamy pies in your face?" CF:"Such a hard choice but seen as I am getting messy either way... i'll take the pies please?" Sarah and Emma pick up a pie each as does Holly and Caroline sits on one of the stools which still has mess on the floor below. How does Caroline look?

10% (11) nervous
9% (10) Head in hands
7% (8) Biting her nails
26% (28) looking at her clean, white shirt
24% (25) smiling trying to hide embarassment
21% (22) biting her lip

104 voters have answered this question.

Sarah smashes the first pie right in the face of Caroline and then Emma splats her pie on Caroline's head which covers her hair. The cream is dropping onto her chest and running down her shirt. Holly then gently pushes her pie into her face a rotates it each way to get rid of all the cream onto Caroline's face. As she removes the foil dish Caroline opens her mouth in shock and more cream drops down her she wipes her eyes. Little does she know that Cheryl and Kim have picked up a bucket of custard and thick chocolate sauce and are walking up behind her. She is still wiping away cream when they tip the buckets over her head simultaneously and as they hit her head her mouth opens wide in shock as the custard and chocolate cover her face. How long are the buckets poured over her for?

4% (5) 5 secs
13% (14) 10 secs
8% (9) 15 secs
17% (18) 20 secs
2% (3) 25 secs
52% (55) 30 secs

104 voters have answered this question.

After it stops she wipes her eyes as her face, some hair, chest(down shirt) and shirt on the boobs are covered. Also a huge puddle has been formed on her skirt and some leg coverage. She pushes the puddle on her lap onto the floor and gets up and walks off with chocolate and custard dripping from her not so white shirt. Time for the final round.

100% (97) ok

97 voters have answered this question.

The final round starts with both teams stood next to a table each. Each teams table has 6 bowls each full of a horrible school dinner, see the school theme shining through here. Each team has 10 secs to get a star out of the bottom of each bowl only using their mouth as they do one bowl at a time. Each girl will do 3 bowls each and the team with the most stars at the end of the round wins. who looks the most nervous?

34% (36) Cheryl
16% (17) Kimberley
18% (19) Zoe
30% (32) Myleene

104 voters have answered this question.

The reds go 1st and Cheryl is up 1st. The 1st bowl is thick and gloopy porridge to which Cheryl winces. The time starts as soon as she puts her head in. Cheryl lowers her head but stops just before the porridge. CC:It looks and smells disgusting. She bobs her head a couple of times before she gently pushes her head into the porridge but only so her face is in it. Seeing she is not reaching the bottom Kimberley pushes Cheryl's head down for her and now her head is fully under the porridge. She still does not get the star and comes back up. What does she do?

14% (15) wipes eyes
25% (26) spits out porridge
19% (20) Tries to get the porridge out of her hair
28% (30) Has a go at Kim for pushing her under
12% (13) makes excuses for not getting the star

104 voters have answered this question.

Her next bowl is custard. HW:do you like custard, Cheryl? CC:Not all over my face. Again Kim has to push her head down but this time she wiggles her head around a lot more but still does not get the star. Custard is dripping from her chin onto her collar and shirt. Her final bowl is strawberry yoghurt which she plunges straight into and quickly grabs the star and emerges with her head covered pink with yoghurt. 1/3 for cheryl. How does she look?

19% (20) dissapointed
7% (8) nervous
11% (12) happy
52% (55) can't tell because she is constantly rubbing mess off herself
8% (9) content

104 voters have answered this question.

Now its Kimberleys turn and her 1st bowl is gravy. Kimberley looks nervous but determined and she also hesitates to put her head in. She does and goes straight to the bottom and searches around. After 5 seconds she emerges with a star between her teeth. The next bowl is baked beans which Kim hates. She hardly puts her head in until Cheryl getting revenge plunges Kims head under the beans and suprisingly she comes up with the star. What does she do?

23% (23) Spit the star out along with a fair few beans
4% (4) Wipes eyes
53% (52) chucks beans at Cheryl
19% (19) gets beans out from down her shirt

98 voters have answered this question.

Her final bowl is melted Chocolate. Kim looks at it anxiously but goes for it as it takes her a while to get her to the bottom as the chocolate is so thick. She comes back up but with no star and her face is all covered with thick chocolate sauce which is dripping onto her so far clean shirt. Areas around the collar have turned brown on her boobs. The reds got 3/6 so the blues need 4/6 or more to win. If they get 3/6 then their will be a tiebreaker. How do the blues look?

23% (24) nervous
27% (29) confident
18% (19) smiling and laughing
20% (21) focused
10% (11) biting their nails

104 voters have answered this question.

Zoe goes first and she gets baked beans first. She plunges in a gets the star and her 2nd bowl is the slimy porridge and she again goes straight in and gets the star its not looking good for the red team 2/2 so far. Her final bowl is gravy which she hates and reluctantly sticks her head in the gravy. She does not get the star and she wipes her eyes with a mixture of beans, porridge and gravy streaming off her face. 2/3 so far for the blues.

100% (96) ok

96 voters have answered this question.

Myleene looks a lot more nervous about putting her head in the food. Her 1st bowl is yoghurt and she hesitates before slowly putting just her face under. Her head does not go in enough to get the star. She needs to get one of the last two stars to at least tie. Her next bucket is custard and Myleene does put her head in more and comes up with the star. What does she do?

7% (8) scream
7% (8) spit out custard
12% (13) wipe eyes
6% (7) wipe the collar of her shirt and tie
27% (29) cheer
37% (39) flicks mess at holly who tries to dodge it

104 voters have answered this question.

she has 3/5 and if she gets this one then the blue team win the round and the game which means the reds get a gunging they'll never forget. It is thick chocolate sauce even thicker than the bowl of chocolate sauce Kim had to do. She delves in and comes up with the star and chocolate sauce dripping all over. The blues win the round and the game and the reds will be getting very messy.

100% (95) ok

95 voters have answered this question.

Cheryl and Kimberley are now sat in two gunge tanks next to each other both with blue gunge above them. They have been cleaned up a bit but still have chocolate, beans and custard stains on their shirt collars and shirt. Kim looks at Cheryl and shakes her head, then Cheryl puts her head in her hands. Host:"I'm sorry girls but the losers get punished and what a punishment it is. There is another tank next to the two girls. "However, if one of you gets a question right, which i have here on a card then I will also be gunged." How does Holly(host) look?

29% (31) nervous
52% (55) confident she won't get gunged
17% (18) not bothered

104 voters have answered this question.

"But before this we will see the result of our vote to see who gets gunged, who gets pied and who gets a bucket of a nasty school dinner poured over them" The Girls are sat anxiously waiting for the result. "In 5th place and staying clean Lily Allen. Also staying clean in 4th place is....Katy Perry" Katy laughs and claps while the other three drop their heads. "In 3rd and get the schooldinner suprise is..Frankie Sandford. In 2nd and getting a good pieing is Rachel Stevens. So that means Pixie you are getting gunged but don't worry I may be joining you soon." All five girls are sat on stools next to each other. "I'm sorry Lily and Katy but we couldn't let you get away totally clean" Holly walks behind them with a pie in each hand and plants them into their faces suprisingly. Their faces are totally covered. How does Katy react?

24% (25) She screams
11% (12) wipes eyes
3% (4) spits out cream
32% (34) laughs
27% (29) flicks cream at holly

104 voters have answered this question.

Frankie is now sat on another stool on her own. Her top button is undone and the tie is very loose, she also takes off her shoes. "We will let you pick the bucket Frankie 1,2,3,4 or 5" "ohh...3 please" Holly lifts the lid and it is chocolate sauce."Its chocolate. Frankie are you ready." She braces herself and shuts her eyes. The chocolate runs from her forehead all the way down her face and drips down off her chin onto her shirt and collar and also down her shirt. She keeps wiping away the mess but it keeps falling. How long does the chocolate keep falling?

4% (5) 10 secs
12% (13) 15secs
18% (19) 20 secs
8% (9) 25 secs
55% (58) 30 secs

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Next the camera cuts to Rachel sat on a stool with three people holding a pie each. Rachel also has her top button undone but has her tie quite tighter than Frankie. She also closes her eyes as the first pie comes which is slapped in her face and is covered in thick cream. The second is gently smooshed which makes a better cover and it drips onto her shirt. The 3rd and final pie actually a pie sandwich and the two pies come from each side which covers her whole head including her hair. She wipes her eyes and mouth. Cream is still dripping onto her collar.

100% (99) ok

99 voters have answered this question.

We then see holly leading Pixie into her own gunge tank. "but before we gunge Pixie we are gunging to see if Kim and Cheryl can get one question right to get me gunged" She asks Kim first who gets the question right much to the annoyance of Holly. "I can't beleive it" The camera has cut back to Pixie who is sat in a tank biting her nails with purple gunge above her. She has only her top button undone but her tie is just hung around her neck not actually tied so all of her buttons are visible. "3,2,1 GUNGE HER!" The gunge gushes down hitting her head with her mouth wide open in shock. The thick gunge falls for around 45 secs and her hair is completely covered in purple gloop. Her shoulders, lap, collar and front of her shirt are well covered and her face is quite covered. Wipes the gunge from her forehead back onto her hair.

100% (104) ok

104 voters have answered this question.

Now Holly, Cheryl and Kimberley are shown sat in there gunge tanks next to one another. Holly has red gunge above her. Firstly Cheryl is gunged for around 60 seconds. She starts off with her head in her hands which completely covers her back. She then sits upbut to her suprise more gunge falls just as she looks up and she recieves a full facial coverage and her boobs and lap of her skirt are covered at the end she rubs her uniform where the gunge has fallen. Her hair is also covered and dripping with gunge.

0 voters have answered this question.

Kim is next and she looks just as nervous as Cheryl did. The gunge drops and hits kim who is sat upright and it runs down her face and hair onto her shirt. Also a huge puddle forms on her skirt lap. The gunging is again around a minute and her hair is completely covered as is her shirt and lap, her face is almost fully covered. she wipes some of the gunge on her hands and lap onto her boobs which cover her shirt even more. Cheryl and Kim get out of the booths and walk over towards the one holly is sat in. What is Holly doing?

41% (43) Grinning nervously as she know whats about to happen
10% (11) Head in her hands
2% (3) biting her nails
15% (16) laughning
29% (31) blaming Kim and Cheryl for her being in the booth

104 voters have answered this question.

Holly: "that's the end of the show, thanks for watching but there's one more gunging" Audience:"3,2,1" Holly raises her shoulders in anticipation of the gunge and the red mess falls onto her. She even looks up into the gunge and it catches her square in the face fully covering her face. Her hair, shoulders, arms, shirt and lap are completely covered. When it stops she wipes her eyes and steps out of the tank and hugs Cheryl and Kim. Holly:"See you again. Bye!" Rate this Poll

1% (2) 1
0% (1) 2
0% (0) 3
1% (2) 4
9% (10) 5
11% (12) 6
12% (13) 7
8% (9) 8
7% (8) 9
45% (47) 10

104 voters have answered this question.

How long is this poll? Please feedback in the poll forum.

7% (8) too short
40% (42) too long
51% (54) about right

104 voters have answered this question.

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