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Flamethrowers in Black Ops

How should flamethrowers be implemented in Call of Duty: Black Ops?
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Perk Slot
It shouldn't be implemented.
What perk should be able to increase the damage of the flamethrower?
Stopping Power
Danger Close/Fireworks
Some other perk.
What perk should reduce the damage taken by the flamethrower?
Flak Jacket/Blast Shield
Fire Proof
Some other perk.
Should flamethrowers be able to set victims on fire like WaW's single player?
Yes, it should do damage over time and obscure vision.
Yes, but it should only do damage over time.
Yes, but it should only obscure vision.
Should flamethrowers have limited amounts of fuel?
Yes, but there should be a perk or equipment to increase or replenish the fuel.
Should flamethrowers overheat like in WaW?
Yes, and it should be harder to manage than in WaW.
Yes, just as in WaW.
Yes, but it should be easier to manage than in WaW.
How much range should flamethrowers have?
More than in WaW.
The same as in WaW.
Less than in WaW.
Should the flame created on the ground by a flamethrower cause damage to any enemies standing in it (As well as the flamethrower user or teammates in hardcore)?
Should shooting a flamethrower's tank cause it to explode?
Yes, but it should only kill the flamethrower user.
Yes, it should kill the flamethrower user and anybody nearby.
Yes, it should kill the flamethrower user and anybody nearby, but only in Hardcore.
If the flamethrower was implemented as a primary weapon, what should be the movement speed of classes using it?
100% (Shotguns and SMGs)
95% (Assault and Sniper Rifles)
87.5% (LMGs)
80% (Riot Shield)
This poll was created on 2010-06-09 18:04:57 by Kalar