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Voodoo Hoodoo

This is a poll for people who are interested in Voodoo.

Are you interested in Voodoo?

28% (48) Yes
8% (14) Not sure
63% (108) No

170 voters have answered this question.

What interested you in Voodoo?

19% (30) The ability to "curse" other people
9% (15) The weird dancing and exotic music
17% (27) Voodoo being a form of Paganism
8% (13) The name "Voodoo" itself
5% (8) Dr. Samedi in the movie "Live and Let Die"
6% (10) "Voodoo People" by the Prodigy
5% (8) "Voodoo Hoodoo" by Carl Barks
12% (19) "Who do Voodoo? He do Voodoo. Who do Voodoo? Me do Voodoo" in "Darkwing Duck"
17% (27) Just the fact that it's not Christianity!

157 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2001-10-20 18:06:09 by palaste
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