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questions about perferred music, things you like in a girl, and other things about you
What kind of music is better?
What hair color is better on a girl?
Dirty Blonde/ Light Brown
Dark red/ Dark Brown
What kind of lips are hotter on a girl?
Big, thick lips
small, thinner lips
What skin tone is better on a girl? (sorry this survey is turning into opinions on girls)
subtle/ light tan
porcelin doll type pale
What are YOU like?
Down-to-earth-type, realist, chill, sarcastic
cheery, blissful, positive, into your looks/metrosexual
Would you rather go to a
sports event
Would you rather live in
A nice North East suburban house with a green lush lawn
Hollywood, Beverly Hills
Do you enjoy more
Watching stand-up comedy on tv, eating cheeseburgers, walking your dog
Looking in the mirror, doing your hair, checking out hot girls
This poll was created on 2010-07-17 05:58:12 by brunettebabe