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Wife versus Mistress - Kathie Lee Gifford versus Suzen Johnson

The classic wife versus "the other woman". Kathie Lee Gifford versus Suzen Johnson. Who's side were you on?
One classic battle in which Kathie Lee Gifford won and kept her husband. Who's side were you on?
Kathie Lee Gifford - the wife
Suzen Johnson - the other woman
Who would win in a catfight?
Kathie Lee
Ladies only: if you were find yourself in a catfight, how would you do with either of these two women?
I would flatten Kathie Lee, but get flattened by Suzen
I would flatten Suzen, but get flattened by Kathie Lee
I would flatten them both
I would get flattened by them both
This poll was created on 2010-09-22 21:24:59 by Jane's arena