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Quick 10-Question Poll (Everyone is welcome)

This quick poll is designed to gather information about the general population. Please try to answer all the questions honestly. Thanks!
Are you left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous?
How many languages do you know, including English? (If you are took a foreign language class in school for at least two years, that counts too.)
Just one
Four or more
What is your sexual orientation?
100% straight
Pansexual, polyamorous, or polysexual
Mostly straight, but not 100%
Gay or lesbian
What has been your experience with alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs?
I don't use or I use a negligible amount of alcohol and tobacco.
I use alcohol or tobacco 1-11 times a year.
I use illegal drugs, such as marijuana, but not alcohol or tobacco.
I use alcohol or tobacco 1-4 times a month.
I use alcohol or tobacco 1-6 times a week.
I use illegal drugs, such as marijuana, with alcohol or tobacco.
I use alcohol or tobacco several times daily.
How far have you gone... with the opposite sex if you are straight? with the same sex if you are gay or lesbian? with anyone if you are bisexual, pansexual, polyamorous, or polysexual?
No contact, just talking, or just a handshake
Hugging or holding hands
Flirting, dating, or kissing
Heavy petting or making out
Even further
How many times have you been in major trouble in the past four years? (Major trouble means police-involved, suspended, expelled, juvy, jail, etc. Detention or a speeding ticket doesn't count.)
Five times
Three times
Six times
Seven or more times
Four times
How good or bad is your vision?
20/20 or better
Pretty good but not 20/20
I wear low-strength glasses/contacts (1.00-2.75 diopters).
I wear medium-strength glasses/contacts (3.00-4.75 diopters).
I wear medium-high strength glasses/contacts (5.00-5.75 diopters).
I wear high strength glasses/contacts (6.00+ diopters).
I'm blind and glasses/contacts don't help. (Someone else is taking this poll for me.)
What is your body shape?
Super skinny or anorexic
A few extra pounds
More than a few extra pounds
Honestly, how smart do you think you are?
Not too bright, but I get around
Smarter than most
Quite gifted, but not a genius
Do you have a special talent (such as an odd skill that no one else you know can do)?
No, I have an average set of skills.
I'm really good at a sport, an instrument, an art, etc., but I'm not a national champion or anything like that.
Yes, I have a special talent.
This poll was created on 2010-11-19 02:41:52 by Loney