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What do you find offensive?

This is a school project, so try to answer as accurately as possible. If there are any questions that you do not want to answer, you dont have to answer them. I have this poll labeled as private to keep this poll answered by the average population, so it is not bombarded by a whole group of people with a certain mindset.
1. Someone born in poverty is in poverty as punishment for a previous life experience
What gives you the right to decide that someone in poverty deserves Poverty?
Thats their opinion, but I strongly disagree
I have no problem with that belief
Truth Hurts
2. People are born in moral depravity, so they cannot recognize good or evil unless they read the bible or listen to the Religious leader.
I can certainly tell what is right and wrong, thats just a way for religious leaders to brainwash us
I dont really agree, but I still respect their opinion
Its not really popular, but its the truth
3. Humans were created to be slaves to the gods
Thats just stupid, we were definitely created to be more than slaves
Thats just an ancient opinion
Sometimes truth hurts
4. Refusal to obey the Koran leads to everlasting hell
Says who?
Thats their right to believe that, just dont force that belief down someones throat
You could say the same thing about the bible
The Prophet Muhammed said so, and I dont care how unpopular it is.
5. Those who have not accepted Jesus as their personal Savior are doomed to everlasting torments
Why would a short lifetime being in the wrong religion merit eternal torments?
Thats not fair for those who never even heard of Jesus
They are free to believe that, as long as they dont harass me about it
6. Outside the Catholic Church, there is absolutely no Salvation
Who decided that your church was supreme
What about those who never were able to formally join the Church?
Just dont push that belief on me
Thats what the bible teaches
Humans are inheretently Evil
Thats so false
Thats your opinion
Its what the bible teaches
8. Committing a Mortal Sin means eternal torments unless one goes to Confession
Thats cruel and unjust to assume that one sin should merit eternal torment just because one did not go through a priest
Thats their opinion
Its what the Church has always taught and is therefore true
Catholics are idol Worshippers
Just because their churches have many decorations does not mean they are committing idolatry
If they need some image to assist in worship, thats fine
Any form of image is idolatry
Use of any image or statue is idolatry
Just because one needs a crucifix, statue of Buddha, or a picture of Shiva does not mean they are involved in idolatry.
If someone feels like they are getting involved in idolatry, thats their right to not use any statues or images.
That is the truth
Religious people are delusional
Thats not your job to judge
Thats your opinion
Yes they are
Atheists are more intelligent than religious people
Thats a big fat lie
I have no opinion
Thats true
Fire and brimstone street preaching
They are being loud, and have no right to shout trying to force people into their religion
I dont like it, but if they do it, dont bug me.
Just best to ignore them, its their right
They are just doing what they think is right, and deserve credit
They are saving a broken world.
Door to door preaching
I dont need to be disrupted during my busy day to have someone push their views on me
As long as they dont overdo their stay and are respectful, Im fine
Does not really bother me
They have every right to stop over
Its a necessary service
Calvinism, the idea that few have been predestined for heaven, and the rest are all born destined to hell
Thats no different than a parent who throws their kid on a busy street, cause they like that one less than the other one
No opinion
Its in the bible
Justified by Faith alone
So basically a righteous hindu goes to hell, while this evil Baptist gets to go to heaven?
Thats their business what they believe.
It may not be fair, but biblical
Anti-gay sentiment
Thats just hateful. Gays dont choose to be gay
Gays deserve respect
They have a right to that opinion
Homosexuality is wrong, and needs to be acknowledged as evil
Fundamentalist are just trying to uphold morality
Yeah! and their biggotry is really acceptable.
Maybe, but other religious groups are trying to be moral
Their morals might not be popular, but are the only things able to keep us from hell
Religious Cult-Any religion that does not believe as you do.
Whoa, extreme biggotry if you ask me.
People could say the same thing about their religion.
Thats just an opinion
Its absolutely true
Religious Cult-Any Religion that does not follow along with Orthodox Christianity
Who decides what is truth and what is not?
Thats not really fair to say
Thats what Christians have taught over the last several centuries, so what gives new groups to believe in foreign theologies?
Religious cult-a religious system with real exclusive doctrines, of being the one true religion.
Just because we believe that we are the chosen group gives you no right to call us a cult
They have the right to believe however they choose
Any religion claiming that they are the only way is a cult
Abortion is murder
obviously you never walked through anyone elses shoes before judging others
No definite opinion, but I dont love the idea
Its definitely murder, no one has the right to kill unborn children cause they cant be responsible.
Contraceptions are intrinsically evil
No, if a couple is not ready to have kids, they dont need to, and there is no killing of babies.
Thats the choice of the couple
Yes, if someone gets involved in sexual activity, they must be open to allowing life.
Listening to rock and roll music is sinful
Just because it is not something used in your church does not mean it is wrong
the decision to listen to rock is up to you, if you find it wrong thats fine, but does not mean that others cannot listen to it.
Its satanic, and should not be listened to by anyone
Eating animals is murder
They have no other purpose except for food
If you dont like eating meat, thats fine, but dont force others not to.
No one should be allowed to eat meat, its wrong.
Displaying a Nativity Scene in a public area
No, not acceptable at all. Thats Christian stuff, and non-Christians should not be forced to look at Christian stuff.
Its offensive, but that would interfere with anothers rights
I could care less, whatever floats your boat
Grow up, if someone wants to put a nativity scene up, thats their business, I dont go whining just because a Jew places a Menorah up in a public area. No one is being hurt
Displaying of a nativity scene at a Public area
That is not fair to non-Christians who do not want to see that
Its kind of insensitive
I have no problem with it
Its absolutely fine. If someone wants to have a nativity scene or any other religious display does not mean we are trying to claim our religion to be superior to others.
This poll was created on 2010-04-03 19:25:15 by Jm095454