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female celebrity tickling

Kim Kardashian and Alexis Bledel: this is the first tickle fight, what happens?
Kim defeats Alexis by tickling her on her insanely ticklish feet
Alexis tickles Kim who laughs her head off
Next fight: Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus don't get along that well either and start tickling each other. What happens?
Ashley tickles Miley on every inch of her very ticklish body
Miley has Ashley begging for mercy and ignores all screams for help
Two sisters: Ashlee and Jessica Simpson
Ashlee finds Jessica most ticklish spot and uses it to win the tickle fight
Ashlee turns out to be so ticklish that within a second, she screams her head of and begs and begs for mercy
New battle: Kylie Minogue vs Avril Lavigne
Kylie tickles Avril who laughs her head off
Avril defeats Kylie by tickling her on her insanely ticklish feet
Last but not least: Rachel Weisz vs Maria Bello
Rachel can't take the tickling on her tummy and soon she finds herself in hysterical laughter
Maria can't stop Rachel quick tickling fingers on her ribs and falls down screaming like hell
Who is the most ticklish?
Kim Kardashian
Alexis Blendel
Ashley Tisdale
Miley Cyrus
Ashlee Simpson
Jessica Simpson
Kylie Minogue
Avril Lavigne
Rachel Weisz
Maria Bello
This poll was created on 2011-01-11 19:46:18 by Maddalena